New hub v3 owner. When adding hub to app, it gets stuck on update page

Solid blue?

Blue (solid)

What it means: Attempting connection to the SmartThings cloud/servers

What to do: A solid blue light is expected during the normal setup process and when downloading firmware updates (in some cases). However, if the light remains solid blue for longer than 5 minutes, this indicates the Hub is unable to establish a connection with our servers. This problem can occur when outbound traffic from a local network is being blocked. Double-check your network settings and make sure the following ports are open during initial setup: 11111, 443, and 39500

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I had to reset my hub and now going through adding it to the app and it’s stuck on updates at 0% with the light still flashing green and red. Got this hub in May so no longer can return and get another one. Anyone have any luck getting it to work.

I’m new to home automation too. My smart hub V3 registration would complete up to 64%, then show a message “couldn’t register” tried all the suggested solutions multiple times, with the same result. I was just about to give in when I realised one thing I hadn’t done. I deleted the pre-installed app from my phone and re- installed it. Tried registration again instant success. May have been a coincidence, but worth a try.