New hub v3 owner. When adding hub to app, it gets stuck on update page

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I had problems connecting wirelessly a few days ago with my new hub. Today I reset it again and installed the new version of the firmware and it now works fine. I didn’t make any changes to my ASUS router so the problem was definitely the old firmware. Thanks for the speedy firmware revision.


I managed to get the “magic green light” although in the meanwhile I have replaced my MiFi router to an Ac1350 so I could create ethernet connection to the hub.

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We’d be interested in hearing about more about the specific setup that didn’t work to see if there is anything we can do on our end to make the hub work well on as many networks as possible. As you can imagine, testing against every possible piece of networking equipment in various configurations is… basically impossible.


Dear Paul,
I have to admit I did not try to activate my hub through WiFi after you updated the Firmware.
I got tired and bought a new 4G LTE Router which gave me ethernet connection possibility. I only have mobil network and my previous router only provided wireless connection (this why I bought V3 Hub)
Anyhow I CAN move to next step to move on with this journey.



For what it’s worth, I will add my experiences/current state:

Ver 3/2018 hub currently offline for about 5 dys after I performed an IDE reboot. Hub is 2000 miles away in a second home. Hub had been hardwired successfully for a few weeks and then switched without issues to wifi (to strengthen zigbee network ) help ticket is outstanding.

Asus router with merlin software. My suspicion prior to reading this thread was loss of wifi connection to hub. I can still control a wifi camera at the residence so it is not an Internet or router wifi issue.

? Until I can have a friend power cycle the hub ( I will be adding a wifi power plug next trip out) does the hub need to be hardwired to the router for the firmware update ?


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Hi @Madisonriver, I can’t say for sure why the hub did not come back online after the IDE reboot but I would guess that you ended up hitting the Wi-Fi issue after the reboot (the problem could be experienced intermittently). The symptoms definitely seem consistent. If that is the case, the latest update (0.24.22) would definitely be beneficial.

The hub should get the firmware update so long as it is able to connect to the network again. This might be as simple as rebooting and letting it connect to Wi-Fi again (if the problem is intermittent) or it may need to be hardwired if the problem is now being hit consistently. Green LED indicates that the hub is connected to the cloud and should be in a state where it can download and apply the update.

In addition to the fixes for the initial Wi-Fi connection this release also includes additional automated recovery steps that should increase overall reliability if something goes sideways; it’s no silver bullet but it is something that should increase reliability overall.


Hey Paul,

Thanks a ton, appreciate the response. The house is outside of West Yellowstone, and I am in NY haha. So I have a friend who is going to stop by any day now and I instructed him to power cycle the hub – drink a beer – and I would let him know if he had to reconnect via Ethernet. And then drink a few more beers.

I did not add, in the initial setup, which I did hardwired NY – moved the hub (and router) to Montana after we closed on the place, and has been relatively trouble free except my learning experiences with mesh networking… I added a half dozen Iris plugs (both z and zigbee portions of those plugs) etc and was doing well until this reboot issue. And moved the hub > started using wifi , to eleviate possible zigbee interference with the router.

Happy New Year in advance,

Appreciate the follow through!

I will attempt to let you know how it goes if my friend gets to the home – been snowing a bit out west.


Power cycled hub yesterday and wifi connection to hub restablished immediately. Checked hub firmware this morning and it is ver. 24.00022

All devices online and reporting normally

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Hi Paul, Jus bought 3 pack v3 (2018) smartthings wifi. the first unit (I call the hub router) works great. went to install the repeater and all goes well but gets stuck on 98% install on the IOS smartthings mobile software. I have the newest app not the classic. spent 2 hours on phone with a very pleasant lady but she could not help. Kicked it “upstairs” to a tech who will call in a few days. very frustrating. is there a quick fix? should I hardwire the repeater to the hub/router for an update?

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I am experiencing the same issue. Please keep this thread posted if you hear back anything. I shall do the same.

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I got it to work. Try either of this,

  1. When stuck at 98% kill the app once you see that the add on hub has a solid green light(Do not hit the ‘X’ and stop the process)

  2. Second option is to add a hub through the menu of the main hub (“Add Sub Hub”) and not through add device option. That helped me add the 3rd hub without issues. See pic below,

(Paul Osborne) #114

Just to clarify for those stumbling into this thread. The SmartThings Hub (2018) [commonly referred to as the V3 Hub] is a different product than SmartThings WiFi (2018) which includes SmartThings Hub functionality as well as Mesh Router features.

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I am facing this issue as well. The hub was working fine until 3-4 days back, and i guess was on the updated firmware until then. Today I had to shutdown the hub to turning off a change a few electrical components. After turning it back on the hub went offline, and after trying the factory reset method described above… the update was downloaded 100%, but the installation part is stuck at 99%
i have tried to kill the app serveral times and again factory reset it as well many times, but each time its stuck to 99%.
Even with an ethernet cable i am unable to perform this installation. Please note the update downloads 100% but in the next step of install its stuck at 99%