NEW Hub Replace Feature for SmartThings Hubs!

Routines that involve multiple hubs execute in the cloud. I can’t say definitively where they are stored, that’s better answered by one of the ST folks, but I’d venture a guess that it’s in the cloud.

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This is changing, but only if the two hubs and the devices being used in the routine are all on the same local network (Thread at first and eventually zigbee). And it’s a work in progress, so I don’t even know if it’s actually happening yet. But it has been announced.

Expanding the Smart Home Universe With ‘Hub Everywhere’  | SmartThings.

I think it’s part of preparing for matter.


The implication from the article is that it only works for the ST Station and then only for Thread controllers and Thread devices. So, at the moment, extremely limited.


Yep. Initially only the Station, but there have definitely been staff comments since that the aeotec would also be eventually included. Just another one of those “not very documented“ smartthings features, I guess. :man_shrugging:t2:


I tested a restore from a Dead Hub, see below


Just to verify, if I only have a single hub on my network I will not see the hub replace option listed?

Yes that is the case. I have 2 locations, 1 with 2 hubs and it has the hub replace option. The other location has only 1 hub and NO hub replace option.

Thanks for verifying.

Has there been any word on when the Hub v3 WiFi version is going to include this function? It is still on a firmware version < than the required v0.50

The v3 and WiFi hubs are 2 different and distinct things. The v3 hubs are already on firmware 51.xx.

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ok cheers, so same question still applies as to whether the wifi hub version will get the replace function

I don’t know.

I think only Samsung can answer your question.

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be the V3? Oh yeah I remember now they saved 50 cents per unit and cut the ram in cpu in half :grinning:


In hindsight this was a poor choice.

But at the time a goodly amount of the processing was being done in the Groovy cloud. So I could see an argument for a relatively lightweight, lower cost hub.

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You are correct that the official name of the hub you have is just “Samsung smartthings Wi-Fi hub“ but people do tend to get confused because the V2 hub that was not a Wi-Fi mesh router only connected by ethernet, not Wi-Fi. Then the V3 hub, which was the successor to that, could connect by Wi-Fi. Still not a Wi-Fi mesh router. But a lot of people will call that one the Wi-Fi hub even though that’s not the real name Because the big difference was that it could connect by Wi-Fi and the V2 couldn’t. Sigh. It led to a lot of confusion. :thinking:

It will probably be helpful in the forum if you say “Wi-Fi mesh hub“ even though I know that’s not the official name. But that way you’ll get more answers which are specific to your model.

Anyway… my guess is that unfortunately the answer as to when the Wi-Fi mesh hub will be included in the replace option is probably never, because it has completely different firmware, and it has to be synchronized with the plume firmware that manages the Wi-Fi mesh.

There hasn’t been anything official on that, one way, or the other, this is just my guess. I could certainly be wrong, and I would be happy to be. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one. :man_shrugging:t2:


Frankly, I think it’s questionable whether the Samsung Connect Home and SmartThings WiFi Mesh Hubs will even get another firmware update. It’s been nearly 6 months since the last update and in that same time frame there have been 3 updates for the v2/v3/Aeotec hubs :frowning:


Yes, and there’s also the fact that the Wi-Fi mesh hubs are not part of the hardware agreement with Aeotec, so it’s not clear to me whether they are even being manufactured anymore, or whether Samsung is just selling off old stock. But we will just have to wait to see what happens.


Any thoughts based upon the following post from back in October in a different thread?

Note that near the end he says “Hub replace will also work for Family Hub, TVs, and Samsun Connect Home / SmartThings WiFi hubs, but…”

Perhaps thing have changed, or this was incorrect even at the time, but that’s the post that got me optimistic, at least initially, that I’d eventually have a way to replace my SmartThings WiFi hub before it dies.

It’s interesting, but that’s one comment from one engineer… I think we’ll have to wait and see what really happens. If/when the Wi-Fi mesh hubs get their next firmware update that might be an indication, particularly if they finally make it to level 50. :thinking:

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A copy of local routines is stored in the Cloud, allowing users to use the Hub Replace feature. In the case of an environment with multiple hubs, if one hub has a local routine that stops working, another hub will not execute the local routine.

The team is aware of this scenario and will work on addressing it in the future.