New hub needed and geolocation sensor: need reliability while I am away

Hey group thanks for having me. I have a 2 part question. Reasoning behind this is I’m deploying soon and looking to upgrade and get my security situation ironed out for the family.

  1. I’m using the original SmartThings hub. Never had significant issues with it but thinking I may want to upgrade with the times. So question is v2or v3. I’m iPhone based Really my integration consists or open close / a few motion / fire and smoke / alarm / ring DB. and I do have wyze cameras. What would be recommended and why?

  2. I have seen some issues online regarding loss of automatic I’m away activation. What is the latest and greatest with this. And does that have any relation to hub or app. I’m currently kn classic app. Obviously I want this to work for security reasons when I’m gone. This is critical for me.

Thanks for your help and I’m open to your input.

Smartthings just isn’t a system that you can “set and forget.“ no matter which hub you get.

It’s also not a security system, even a minimal one. If the Internet is out or the smartthings cloud is down, you will get no notifications, you will have no control from the mobile app, and you can’t even change it from arm to disarm or back again.

For low cost reliable security, I would look at the Ring security system. Professional monitoring is $100/year or $10/month. There’s not much integration with smartthings, but security is too important. It can be worth investing in on its own.

And if your deployment is either military or first responder, ring offers a 20% discount on some items: