New hub installed and i see a difference


I installed a new hub today and then installed the android app. i instantly noticed a difference on the app from what i had been seeing on mine. I assumed i was just behind an update but looks like i am fully up to date.
I should have posted while it was still fresh on my mind but…

when i open the app on the newest install i see three little icons on the bottom of the dashboard screen that were like home, away and 1 other i cant remember . I will get a screen shot when i go back to finish the install but i instantly noticed it did not look like mine. when i got home i checked for updates and didn’t see any. did they change the hub version? it reminded me of what i see on other home alarm type systems “home away asleep”. any way i don’t have it on mine and was just curious…


never mind. I just logged into their ide and i see the alarm system status is disarmed where mine is unconfigured. I am almost positive i never set it up on their hub im not sure why mine would have came unconfigured out of the box and theirs seemed to be configured out of the box