New Hub - First Alert ZCOMBO will not connect

My dog managed to unplug my old v2 Hub and it would not come back when plugged back in. I purchased a new Aeotec ST hub to replace it, and now trying to get my old things working with it. Many connect and work - in fact some that had custom handlers work just fine on stock.

Separating the items into individual topics: First Alert ZCOMBO Smoke and CO2 alarm. I follow the directions, and even with the alarm sitting right next to the hub, I get nothing. I went to the beta device channel and I installed Z-Wave Smoke Alarm and Z-Wave Siren just in case that might help. Still nothing.

Any ideas or suggestions?

  • exclude the device
  • add device > by brand > z-wave
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You probably need to exclude it.

Exclusion: Open battery compartment, and remove 1 battery. Then put hub in exclusion mode, hold down test button, reinstall battery, close battery compartment and let go of button when it beeps.

This also worked! Exclusion once again was key.