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New House Build Update - UK


(Robin) #61

No, electrician needs to install the switches and at least one load on each circuit… Fibaro Dimmers can be damaged when used without a load.

I think he’s doing much of that this week so when I visit next Sunday I’ll be installing a further 2 hubs and hopefully I can start powering up modules and linking with ST.

(Borristhecat) #62

What is your set up for this?

(Robin) #63

I left that one with my brother to figure out… but probably using the same injector as he’s using for the CCTV + reducing ballans behind the tablet.

(Robin) #64

Something like this I guess:

(Borristhecat) #65

yeah i saw this and guessed that must be the only way as it still needs to be stepped down in voltage.

(Robin) #66

No bangs… few!!!


I hope you mean, phew, not a few bangs :smiley:

Looking good though!

(Robin) #68

Front door went in today :grinning:

Fingerprint scanner has it’s own app but gonna hook it up to a relay this weekend and get it working on ST as well!

Also, 4 more of my hubs are ready to go in so lots to do… yey!

(Robin) #69

Marathon weekend completed successfully… that’s 4 wiring hubs (28 Fibaros) installed, commissioned and working perfectly!!!

Also got the front door working on ST, will have a happy painter tomorrow when he arrives and finds he’s no longer working in the dark :sunglasses:

From a wiring point of view… it’s all as good as finished… maybe the builders will install the stairs and kitchen soon (4 months overdue!!) :roll_eyes:


I hope you’re doing tours. And that your mum won’t mind the visitors :smile:

(Simon Tether) #71

I am about to do something similar to this but on a smaller scale.

Am planning on using Eutonomy euFIX Adapters for the Fibaros, is there any reason you didn’t use them ? was it cost or something else ?

Looking good BTW


(Robin) #72

I looked at them but yeah… came down to cost… at £25 each they would have quickly broken the budget… they are just unnecessary and add more terminal screws that need tightening up.

I just used 3 adhesive Velcro dots on the back of each Fibaro and stuck them straight onto the mdf back boards in my boxes.

I also looked at getting some of these 3D printed:

But Velcro works just fine lol.

(Simon Tether) #73

OK thanks I’ll bear that in mind


(Simon) #74


+1 on the velcro. I did that on my pond controller box.

BTW, what were the din rail connector blocks you used? They look quite nice. Also Love the wiring neatness.

(Robin) #75

I can build a smart home but I can’t get a smart builder!!!

(Tim) #76

Hi Robin, hows it going? How are you communicating with your Electrician to let him know what you want doing?

(Tim) #77

I am just starting my 1st fix :scream:

(Robin) #78

I issued him with very precise drawings, with all circuits clearly coded.

As I built and installed all the hubs myself, all I needed from the electrician was for wires to be in the right place, routed via the correct ‘prescribed zones’ and clearly labelled at both ends.

Example drawings near the top of this thread.

Even if electrician installed my hubs, it would have been fine as I labelled every terminal in every hub.

(Robin) #79

Just provided the following shopping list for someone in a private message, thought it may as well be posted here for others to see also:

Clickable descriptions…

Big Junction Boxes

Earth Blocks

Blue Terminals

Red Terminals

Grey Terminals

Black Terminals

Din Rails

2 way jumper bars (1,0,0,1)

10 way jumper bars

Terminal Section Dividers

Terminal End Caps

Stop Ends

(Tim) #80

Happy Christmas Robin, v. useful. Thanks for sharing.
Where did you buy the electrical gear?