New House Build Update - UK

Just ST arrival sensors with a couple of hive plugs dotted about to boost the Zigbee mesh (almost everything else is zwave). Maybe doubled up with the webCoRE presence app for greater accuracy.

Considered using konnected with regular alarm PIR’s but we wanted temperature and lux as well, so we are just using Fibaro motion sensors. Will experiment with positioning once moved in, trial and error style.

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Hi, really interesting project! personal experience with just about every type of motion sensor that works with ST - I’ve landed on Hue sensors direct to ST hub. always found the fibaro integration a little buggy. will watch this with interest!.

also - with a project of this scale and cost, do you plan for the unthinkable? what if samsung just pulled ST one day?

Thanks Robin,

I am thinking of using the Aeotec Multi-function motion sensor as it can be powered via USB.

What was your main reasons for choosing the Fibaro sensor?

Man Thanks Tim

Hi Robin, I am intrigued with your Hubs which contain the Fibaro devices (I assume both power socket relays and lighting dimmers).
What was the main reasons for choosing this arrangement versus
a) house them in a central plant room or
b) house them in the back boxes.

This is my concern with any home automation platform right now. At some point there is going to be a shake out in the market and a lot of the current smaller players will either die or be taken over.
Therefore my thinking is to back one of the big boys: Samsung, Amazon, Google, Apple and use open standards wherever possible: Ethernet, RJ45, Z-wave, Zigbee, RFX, PoE.
Following these principals I ended up at SmartThings and the fact that Samsung Corp. has now publicly backed the platform with their 2020 vision statement. Then I think its the best bet you can make at this time.

Hub C

4 to go!

It’s mostly all zwave stuff so can always switch to a different hub, main backup right now would be Hubitat.


Force of habbit… always been very reliable for me, I like the LED indicator options, modern sleek design… sure alternatives are just as good but I like to use what I know best.


If I had everything in a single central hub I would end up with a very poor strength zwave mesh network, so sensors and remotes would struggle.

It would also be too chaotic, huge and require twice as much cabling.

That’s all very well for a single gang switch, but for 2-3 switch gangs, squeezing 2-3 dimmer modules behind a single back box is never gonna happen.‬

If we had any decent zwave switch options in the UK that would have been my choice, but unfortunately we only have micro modules (unless we want to sacrifice functionality / reliability with make shift integrations).

Just dimmer modules for the lights, relays for bathroom extractor fans, and a few RGBW modules for concealed strip lights.

We are not making the sockets smart as most plug in things need to stay powered / standby mode. Where we want a table lamp etc. we can just use a wall wart or the Swiidinter cord switches.

Also, short of getting the expensive appliance modules, UK 13A circuits draw too much juice for the micro modules… someone plugs in a portable heater and bang!

I’m a bit torn at the moment. I like the Fibaro and they work really well for me, but tried out a couple of Qubino and really like the ability to attach the temperature sensor for a little over £10.

But the Fibaro’s just feel a little bit easier to use (i also like the LED and the customer DTH for the Fibaro seems a bit more robust).

But, those temperature sensors…

Still torn between the two. Will probably end up using the Qubino where i don’t have motion/temperature sensors in that room.

The Fibaro motion sensors have built in temperature sensors, and the LED can flash different colour depending on current temp.

They also have tonnes of adjustments for sensitivity, duration of movement required / number of motion events required to trip

And just got an email, they are going to be 20% off on Monday at Vesternet :wink:

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I was referring to the Qubino dimmer/relays which can take an optional temperature sensor that sits in the wall cavity. I like that there is no need to change batteries.

I do like the Fibaro motion/temp/lux sensors too though but my wife doesn’t like them sitting about - i think she thinks they are looking at/filming her :slight_smile: I’ve turned off the LED flashes on them

Ahhh… I see… I don’t know anything about them, I’m a Fibaro fan boy lol

Hub E

3 to go (sigh)

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Hub F (AKA “The Beast”)

Boy am I glad this one is done!!!
2 to go!

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Nice One Robin!
What would you say would be the largest Hub you would recommend? I.e. How many Fibaro devices.

Robin, do you have any more wires with different colours? Could you do the hubs again with neutral, live, switches etc each with their own colour please. It would help to follow what’s what.

Technically there is no limit (except ST’s 200ish zwave device limit), but realistically I think that last hub I did is the max (9 modules).

Junction boxes have to be plastic for signal reasons and they don’t come much bigger than the ones I’ve chosen… everything bigger is metal.