New Home Wiring

Hello. I’m building a new home and close to defining how the wiring is done. I’m coming from a home I outfitted with Insteon 3 years ago but will be going Smartthings from the ground up in this place.

I have a simple question that I believe I know the answer to but want to confirm this on the ST/ZW platform.

Any reason why I couldn’t have the builder eliminate all the traveler wires for the old school three ways and just throw the slave non load bearing switches in a much less cluttered box?

Thanks for the help!

There is no reason to eliminate the traveler wires. Most of the new3 ways smart switches still need the traveler wire so eliminate this will give you less option for switches.
There are of course non load bearing switches out there but if you want to sell your house or when your hub belly up. You can’t control the light with the non load bearing switch.

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As Ray mentions, A number of the Z wave auxiliary switches, such as the popular GE models, still use physical traveler wires, in part so that the switches will still work even if the home automation system is down.

Obviously, it’s your choice, but when it comes to building I’m in favor of having as many options as practical within your budget. :sunglasses:

I’m about to finish my basement and debated the same thing. Go with 14/2 for all lighting wiring since the 3-way aux switches don’t require power, or just use 14/3 and cap the extra wire on both ends. I decided to stick with 14/3 in case I ever move. That way I can take all my expensive switches with me and put in dumb switches without having to run wire.

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