New home Wifi name and password, now ST not talking to WeMo

Two nights ago I had to change my name on my home WiFi as well as password. Now ST is not talking to my WeMo Motion or WeMo Switch (outlet).

I reset my home Wifi name and password in the WeMo App and everything works great there. No control from the ST App and nothing on the IDE LOG.

Any idea what I need to reset in the ST App?

There are some specific issues related to changing wi-fi names but I have not heard of this. Have you contacted support?

Thanks Ben,
Support told me to delete all my WeMo stuff on the ST App and start over. It seems MUCH better now.

I will not know until the morning but I think my long running problem (3 weeks) of ST not talking to my WeMo Motion for more than 70min may be over.