New Home Security system - optimized for integration

I am looking to add a security system to my home and since they are going to install motion sensors and door/window sensors, I was hoping to find something where SmartThings could get updates as well.

I am fairly agnostic when it comes to companies, though I would like to steer clear of Simplisafe (

The only requirements I have is that it must be a certified company such that my homeowner’s insurance recognizes them (I get a decent break on my rate if I have an alarm system).

I looked at MANY existing conversations on this on the forums here, but I haven’t found anything recent that focuses on new installations.

Thanks in advance!

Anything that supplies Ademco (Honeywell) vista or DSC panels will work with an AlarmDecoder Network Appliance which integrates with SmartThings. (ADT for example)

If you want to go a DIY route, you can get a Vista20p and all the accessories pretty cheaply on ebay.

Following as I had the same question. Thanks for the link about SimplySafe. They were actually on my short list, but I think that may be changing.

I have an existing Napco system that I am trying to integrate with Smartthings, but I hit a snag with the 2-wire smoke detectors. I was able to integrate the contact sensors no problem using a NodeMCU 8266 controller with DH’s and a smartapp. But the smoke detectors require 12V to function and have an end of line resistor that was used and I have no way to supply 12V with the NodeMCU. I suspect it may be possible with a relay, but it seems this still may not be possible with a 12VDC 2-wire system. I may go with a new alarm board like the Vista20p, since I hate to waste the 7 smoke detectors I already have wired in.

To add one other alarm to the mix, I bought a Visonic Powermax Complete a couple of years ago and have just done the integration for that too using a Wemos D1 (easy to program and costs about £4/$5).

I picked it as its core security credentials were excellent andat a good price, so I think my integration has now given it a new lease of life for many more years. Just another thing to throw into your hat.

I think ultimately your decision should go based on the security features first and then the integration second, unless it is just for a little bit of peace of mind.

I went with Frontpoint as a 24/7 monitored system - Cellular only. I am very happy with them. I augmented my home security with Smartthings as it has so much flexibility, but sometimes unreliable. If I get an alert from Smartthings but not from Frontpoint then I know it is a false alarm and saves me from calling the police to come out for a false alarm. The two systems are not integrated and I want it that way. I also augmented Smartthings with 5 Arlo Pro cameras. I am also very happy with them. I am fairly happy with Smartthings although I wish for a little bit more reliability.