New “Home” location and mixed devices?

Sometime yesterday, a new location was added to my account. In addition to my existing house which had a name, there is now a default “home” location. In addition, some of my devices appear to have magically migrated to this new location. Devices that moved and devices that stayed are all listed as off-line or inaccessible.

Any ideas?

Contact support. There are a couple of different things that can cause this, but they can help you sort it out.

Did you log into the New SmartThings App (not the classic version)? Doing so definitely creates a new Home Location.


Yup. I tried the new app yesterday with the network was Down. That seems to have created the location, and somehow, between that and me resetting my device to try and get everything working again, my harbor in my account got completely screwed up. Support had to nuke my account from orbit and now I get to start over from scratch. Sigh.

Yep, that’ll do it. I really have no idea why they released the New ST App, as it has caused a ton of confusion for every Classic ST User.

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Pretty sure they released it to coincide with the release of the new S9 phone. It is pre-installed on that phone and had been announced as a new feature for it. Its absence would’ve been noted.

Understood. Not sure that really explains its presence in the Apple App Store though, eh? :wink:

Feels more like someone had a deadline to hit for a bonus!

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