New guy question: Incipio Commandkit

Hey there, new to the smart home game. I was originally starting my smart home around Apple HomeKit but I soon realized it was far too limiting so I switched up to Samsung Smartthings and here we are. I have a few smart bulbs, an iHome smart plug, an Incipio Commandkit smartplug and an Ecobee3. So my question is about the Incipio Commandkit smartplug, this isn’t natively compatible with SmartThings but I have faith the community can help me get this working. I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this so I hope this is the spot.
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You posted in the right place, but unfortunately I don’t believe anyone has that device working with SmartThings. In general in order for a WiFi Device to work with SmartThings it has to either have a published API or an IFTTT channel or an official SmartThings integration. The Incipio has none of these. :disappointed_relieved:

There is a list in the community – created wiki of devices which do work easily with both SmartThings and HomeKit:

As an alternative, there is a community built integration which will require a “man in the middle” server like a raspberry pi and some significant technical skill, but which would allow you to mix-and-match HomeKit and SmartThings devices. @pizzini can tell you more about the current state of that. Most community members aren’t interested in something that complicated, but there are some that are. And that’s for exposing SmartThings – controlled devices to HomeKit, not the other way around, so I’m not sure if it will meet your specific needs anyway.

Ok thank you so much for the quick response, I was considering get an Echo to mediate. I don’t know how that will go for automation scheduling and whatnot but I guess I will figure it out. I did have a question about another product I was considering buying. I was looking at the Luminous smart lighting touch panel and was curious whether anyone had any experience with these. I like the look of these switches, I know aeotec makes a similar touch panel switch that is natively SmartThings compatible but they only make a 1 gang switch. The luminous switch is inexpensive, supposed to be certified, Alexa compatible and is the only one like it that I have seen that has a lug for the ground wire.
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“Supposed to be certified” as what?

Smartthings works with a number of different protocols, but most directly with zwave or zigbee home automation (ZHA).

See the following:

Just working with Alexa isn’t enough to give you SmartThings integration unless you’re willing to put an android tablet near the Alexa and have it literally speak commands to Alexa to get your integration. Which a few community members have done, but not many. :wink:

Ok thanks again “supposed to be ul certified”. Sorry didn’t elaborate, safety is key.
I was just looking for something different than the usual paddle and rocker switches that can support more than 1 gang functionality. I will look deeper through the links you provided so thank you very much for that. Is there a link to a FAQ or tutorial on creating device handlers and coding for SmartThings? I see a lot of people doing this to get certain devices working in the way they would like and think it would be fun to tinker with.

Here you go:

Sounds like you might also like the technical welcome FAQ. :sunglasses:

Back to the luminous devices… Are these just dumb switches that you want to connect to an in wall micro? Or are they networked devices? If they are networked, we need to know which protocol they are using as some will work with SmartThings and some will not.

Oh, and as far as cool looking multi gang switches for the US, The LeGrand adorne line come in many different finishes and you can combine them with any of several in wall micros that work with SmartThings. I personally like them a lot from an aesthetics point of view, but different people have different tastes. :sunglasses:

Ohhh those are pretty snazzy. I appreciate helping me with all the dumb questions, I assume I could have searched but I got the info I was looking for this way much easier. Anyway here is a link to the manufacturer site of these switches

It doesn’t give much info other than saying protocol 2.4ghz WiFi. I guess I will just buy one and see what I can make it do. The ones from Aeon labs that are SmartThings compatible are basically just a glass faceplate that connected to an Aeon or aeotec micro smart switch. I really like the look of the Aeon switch but they only offer 1
Gang and they don’t have a place for the ground wire which all my lighting circuits have, so I am a little apprehensive about them. I contacted the company and they told me they recommend capping the ground wire and they are perfectly safe with a shock proof tempered glass faceplate and fire retardant plastic micro switch. They also said they have no idea whether they will make a multi gang switch in the future so yeah…

WiFi is a transmission protocol in and of itself. But it doesn’t have a fixed command structure, so every manufacturer could have their own codes. That brings you back to what I said about the Incipio, it needs to either have a published API, an IFTTT channel, or an official smartthings integration.

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