New Garage door opener to connect to existing Linear GD00Z-4

I had my garage door opener set up perfectly with the GD00Z for 8 months then the old GDO (26 years old and does not have fancy “security” or “safety” features - blah who needs that?!) decided to stop working. So far I have not found the part I think I need and I am afraid I have to replace the whole unit.

I am trying to find a compatible opener. I have seen the posts where people resort to soldering the GD00Z to a remote but I am trying to avoid this if possible since I am able to pick an opener of my choosing, I am not trying to match the GD00Z to an existing opener.

I have searched the manuals of the popular (basic) chamberlain/liftmaster and genie models but they all seem to have a proprietary wall button that is not simply a dry contact/doorbell switch.

Has anyone replaced or installed a new opener unit to fit into an existing setup? Any suggestions? thanks!!

I installed the new opener tonight Genie 2055 - no issues hooking up the linear to it via the included push button. No soldering needed. Just connected to the screw terminals.