New Firmware 16.00013?

Had the notification of firmware 16.00012 being done today. Just checked my hub and it is showing an update to 16.00013.

Are there additional features ?

I’m guessing that is the correct firmware version and the 16.00012 was a mistake in the email. 16.00012 with OSRAM firmware updates was released in a beta several weeks ago. That update did not include the battery fixes so I’m thinking that is why the version is 16.00013 now.

Was wondering myself why is there no topic about this update.

Edit: on 13 now

Still on 09 here… hoping 13 fixes the battery issues and then I’ll replace the batteries. Anyone else get the email that you could sign up to have them replaced?

Looks like they’ll send you a coupon for 2 batteries.

How long did your update take ?

Mine went offline about 30mins ( presumes the update) and it’s still offline

Don’t want to reboot as bad things can happen if it’s still updating

First I heard of the battery problem was late this afternoon when I received this:

SmartThings has discovered an issue with Hub 2.0 firmware version 0.16.9 which can cause the backup AA batteries in some Hubs to deplete more rapidly than normal. We are sending a firmware update to your Hub on Monday, January 30th, which will fix this…

I tried to update my Osram plug, which was still on a very old version, i think it worked, now on 412.

Re Osram… the release notes only mention bulbs…and US bulbs only :roll_eyes:

Watch for your WiFi going down, theres quite a thread going on, on FB.
My router packed up last night, a few hours after the update, and never tied the two together.
Whether its true or not I’m unsure, mine did come back up after taking everything down (including other hubs). But just so you’re aware should you have issues.


Thanks for the heads up !

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My 2,4g wifi was knocked out with the update, 5G was working fine, so I went into the router and changed the channel of my 2.4g radio and it seems to have resolved the issue

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