New Feature requests

(Chrisb) #1

I have a couple of minor-ish feature requests:

First, in the IDE: For those of us with a growing device list, could we have a way to sort these? Alphabetically, by group, etc. It would be nice.

Second, in the mobile app: For those of us with a growing SmartApp list (I think I have like 20 apps installed now), it would be great to be able to put these in folders so I can group them better.

(John Essey) #2

Need to post here for feature request because I feel like my mode issue relates to Chrisb’s…

I would love a better way to manage apps I have tied to particular modes. My list of apps keeps growing, and, I have to keep a spreadsheet of apps I have tied to specific modes. I am on Android as my primary. I have an iOS device, and I can easily manage my “SmartApps for Modes”, which is invaluable to me. I would love for that feature to either be on the IDE or the Android app.

edit: I do not know if this is a major task or feature to implement, though I feel that parity or at least option would be super helpful to have.