New FB user group for ST users

(Bob Strenger) #1

Hello fellow ST users,

I’d like give a shout out to all the wonderful users contributing to this forum. In addition to the great information here, I want to invite anyone looking for a ST resource that can provide a broader interaction with the users, and encourages constructive chatting on all Things ST.

You can find the new user group on Facebook via this link:

Please note that in order to keep unsolicited posts and non-ST agenda free from the group, it is a closed group, but I will do my best to review and approve your request asap.

Thank you and hope to see you there!!

-Bob S

(Bob Strenger) #2

We have a great group starting. Thanks for everyone so far that’s joined us!! There’s still room for more users who want to join us!

(Chad) #3

I can’t seem to get the page to load anymore? Not sure what’s happening

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

(fightingmajor) #5

The one bad thing about this FB group is if the admin’s disagree with your opinion, they ban you. It’s like 1940’s Germany.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #6

Are you sure you’re not meaning the wink FB group?

(Bob Strenger) #7

I was thinking the same thing. :slight_smile:

(fightingmajor) #8

Nope Bob it’s your group. Either you or your buddy bans people for having an opinion that doesn’t agree with the admins.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #9


(Robert Brown) #10

Unblock me on Facebook and we can talk about why you were banned.

(fightingmajor) #11

Ok it’s done. Other than not agreeing with your opinion I’m really curious.

(fightingmajor) #12

And if you wanted more proof, here is the explanation I was given. Again, just because I had a different opinion. You have a great co-admin here Bob

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #13

If we take the comic literally, then Robert is saying he doesn’t want to “listen to your bullshit”.

So… Did you post “bullshit”. :cow: :poop: is in the eye of the beholder, unfortunately. You’re questioning his eyesight?

(fightingmajor) #14

If having an opinion that differs from an admin is bullshit then ya I did. But no I didn’t just post bullshit or anything that most sane folks who run sites would want to ban anyone for. He just wanted to throw his weight around. It’s no big deal. Just warning others to make sure they agree with everything or else.

(Mark) #15

Yeah, no. Moderated into oblivion.

(Bob Strenger) #16

Because you’re asked to stay on topic, not only upon becoming a member, but in the rules and in all the new member welcomes. That is far from unreasonable and 98% of the users prefer that. There are many groups you can join if you just want to talk in general. Every group has it’s own position. You can even start one with your own rules, but be prepared that there will always be people who disagree with whatever rules you come up with.

(Mark) #17

Bob, that is the first Facebook group I’ve ever been removed from. And it was because I questioned the fact that you scold people who post things that you feel are off-topic and then immediately close their post to comments. As I said in the post that likely got me removed, a more nuanced approach might be good. You know, something along the lines of, “Thanks for your post but please keep all posts specific to SmartThings.” Seems pretty simple, no? I understand that it’s your group and you can run it however you want. I tried to be a member who contributed in a meaningful way, and I think I did that. In the future, I’ll do that somewhere where the mods sensibilities aren’t quite as fragile. Best, Mark

(Bob Strenger) #18

I did not personally remove you. I appreciate your honesty in the matter. The group runs fairly well most times and most do not recognize that, nor should they in a way. However, when it comes to issues as you saw, it was not as simple as your personal experience form an admin perspective. No need to articulate that here, but just the point that the rules were clear and it has to stop so the group can go back to what it does best - helping each other.

(Eric) #19

Care to provide evidence of this or are you making assumptions?

( Cosmo) #20

Hey @SuperBob did you Ban me for speaking up about Robert’s rudeness toward me?? Cause the screenshots of it show it was really demeaning for making a polite suggestion on user participation rules.

Pretty unreasonable dude.