New Device Handler

I’m sure this is a noobie question, but how do I get a device (Aeon Energy Monitor) to recognize a new device handler. I added the Monitor to my hub and used a device handler from GitHub. Worked OK, but then I found a new handler that reported more info, so I added it, self-published and edited the device in the IDE to use the new handler. However neither the iPhone app nor the IDE on the SmartThings website shows any of the new data being reported. It is as if the device is still using the old handler (which is still in my ‘Device Handler’ list), even though I changed the device to use the new one. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Taking a bit of a stab here (unless you post the new device handler link); but most likely the new device handler has an expanded configure() section. Configure typically runs during the pair process; so when updating an already paired device, you sometimes have to fire it off manually. Sometimes developers will include a tile to trigger this in the device layout itself, otherwise you can trigger it from the IDE simulator.

Go to the My Device Types section, and select the new Aeon Energy device type to bring up the editor. On the right is the simulator. Click Set Location, then choose your actual Aeon Energy device from the dropdown and click Install. You’ll get a mock-up of the device as well as some raw command buttons. One of them should be the configure() button, and pressing that should fire off the configure() section of the code. The simulator will also bring up a mini-live logging window at the bottom, so you should be able to see the command responses come back.

Thank you for your prompt and clear reply. I followed your instructions and am getting the same result. I know the device (Aeon Energy Monitor V2) is measuring amps and volts (it is calculating and displaying watts), just not displaying them. The link to the driver is: Again, thanks for your interest and assistance.


I don’t knitter the exact answer to your question but I do know this…

Some devices require they be excluded from the network and then added back with the new device code before they update the handler.

I ran into this problem with the iris open/close door sensors. They are zigbee devices and I have 3 running one handler and 1 running on a different handler.

It’s my understanding that this is common with battery operated devices.

Thanks for your reply. The V2 version of the power monitor isn’t battery powered (USB power supply), but I will try the exclude/re-add procedure. Thanks.


Well, I deleted and reinstalled the Energy monitor (deleted using IDE, paired again with iOS app), and no change. The monitor is using the handler referenced in a previous post, but neither the IDE nor the app sees the amp or volt values, only the watts, and the unit is supposed to provide all that information. Any thoughts /ideas will be welcome and appreciated.


Well, I’m still trying to get my Aeon V2 Energy Monitor to report amps and volts. Watts for each phase, combined watts and the energy used (with costs) are displayed. I know the handler is supposed to report amps and volts, but so far, no luck. Might I have a defective unit? Any/all help is appreciated.