New developer platform or old?

I’m curious???

Are the developers here using the new samsung developer portal

or the old groovy portal?

The samsung developer portal doesn’t support hub connected devices yet so it can’t be used to write zigbee or zwave DTHs.

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Does it support smartapps for hubs. Like for example the ADT Tools app?

Does it support a process where those developwers that work hard on a app can actually sell it rather than having to donate their labor hours?

While I am not a developer, I would be willing to pay for useful smartapps, and DTH’s that work.

No, you’ld have to create your own process for that, and there are several developers who do.

What are you actually trying to accomplish?


and this is professionally because I am in the business…

At the device level I need a a DTH for the Fortrexx MIMO that works with the new supported app. This should if at all possible have configurable lables for the open and closed states and voltages.

Using that I can add value and sell pre-programed smartthings hubs to my existing customers who want to monitor the status of their critical backup generator power systems.

On another professional front I can sell (again to my existing customer base) a functional alarm system for their large boats.

On a personal level I want something like the ADT tools app that already exists, but that I can insure will still be working in a year or two. I do not want to invest my time and trouble to use a toolkit that has already been manufacturer obsoleted.

Personally I think that the developer community would be very well served if they could create apps, DTH’s, etc… and have a potential revenue stream associated with their efforts. Potential profit breeds innovation.

If you are serious about this from a professional level you should probably hire a web developer with Java script experience so they can create the DTH(if that is correct terminology for the new platform) to your spec’s and help you design the needed infrastructure to support what you are asking for. So far everything that runs on the new platform uses AWS lambda or a Webhook on a personal server. I suspect that will create some unique challenges for your use cases.

I have already talked about starting to look at the new API’s for ADT Tools. There is a lot more to it then simply doing a copy and past for code. I have spent the last few days working with sample programs and it is much more involved. I suspect the biggest challenge will be the right of entry to for custom stuff on the new API’s.

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