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(Steve Jackson) #1

I have spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to add a custom smart app to version 2.0. I can’t find it. I did finally find a thread that said we can no longer just switch modes at will. Can someone point me in the right direction on the apps. I have seen mention of “my smartapps” but can’t find this either. Thanks to anyone that can help. Still running the old version on my phone until a thoroughly understand the new version on my tablets. I am running android BTW.

Thanks… Steve

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

Pretty much the same way as 1.x. Publish in the IDE, and then in the mobile app, tap the asteriskly looking icon in the lower right, than SmartApps, then scroll all the way down to ‘My Apps’.

(Steve Jackson) #3

Thanks for the reply. I had a brain fart. The my apps only shows on my main account (phone) which I didn’t update. Duh! 2.0.0 had so many issues I pulled it yesterday and went back. I just installed 2.0.2 and see that it’s back.

Thanks for the assistance!

(Ron S) #4

2.0.2??! Or is it 2.0.1? Just curios. iOS or android?

(Steve Jackson) #5

Another Brain Fart. I love my medication. Version 2.0.2 on Android. As of yet, I’m afraid to update my brides iPhone. She mainly uses smart tiles as her interface (I don’t complain because she has accepted the system and is all for building it out further as time and money permit). I built special tile sets for each room but am toying with building one set for the whole house but want to use CSS ( which I need to learn) to differentiate the rooms then. I am thinking I might even like that setup better then 2.0.2. I an very resistant to change and really liked the old SmartThings app better. I think it was easier to navigate and should have been tweaked instead of dropped for an entire new way of doing things. I told myself I would use it for a month though before I made a final decision.

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(Robert Robinson) #6

Android is version 2.02

(Ron S) #7

Aah! Didn’t realize that.