New connected remote "Ray" to have wifi, infrared, Bluetooth and zigbee protocols

So there it is, it’s said to be for controlling your tvs, dvd, and other home entertainment but this could totally be a nice companion device for the smart things hub I think?!?!

This… I like!

Pre-order, Kickstarter, and IndieGogo products don’t count.


I can spend a month rendering photos and videos which represent the product of your wildest dreams too. And promise full production and worldwide delivery by Independence Day.

Shipping late spring, so it’ll be here soon! Like really soon. :grin:

A Samsung Galaxy Tab has everything but the zigbee, and you can run non remote apps on it. Can get one for around a 129 now.

IR, WIFI, BT. And a large pile of “remote” apps already availble on the android store.


Wrong form factor for a TV remote, as the many available remote apps for phone and tablet have shown.

People want to be able to look at the TV screen while they’re using the remote, because most of the selection criteria information is on the TV. Try fast forwarding past the commercials while using a remote of the Ray form factor. :cold_sweat:

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All true, but imo…I have a tablet with remote app on it and I use it NEVER because it’s akward using a giant tablet to control Hulu or anything else. Plus, my household members are not tech savy. They like pointing a remote at the tv and it turning the 65" THX display to the right input, Apple TV waking up, Sony surround switching over to the right input and then controlling volume and navigation with one remote. Explaining to them to point the tablet at the television would be foreign and a long list of well why and how come the Apple TV doesn’t need that but the fios box and Sony tuner do? A simple remote would be nice…and the only comparable remote that does this would be the harmony. And I’m not trying to get into a android/iOS debate…but the apps crash on them from time to time for one reason or another. My harmony has NEVER done so. Yes, different ecosystem inside and I get that but again, explaining to my family why they need to relaunch and the list of whys and how come it does that and why don’t we just get something that works is impossible LOL

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To add to this, I am the “tech guy” for three households…including mine. My in laws just got “the internets” and have been “booking their face” as I like to joke with them doing. My parents had dial-up until 3 months ago when I convinced them a satellite connection would be better and that a wire wasn’t needed to access this “world wide web”. The other person, a friend of mine, couldn’t fathom how a box such as smartthings worked absent a subscription and how does a door lock unlock when she wasn’t there without that subscription being on it…