New Color Theme in ST App?

Or even just told us what was going on instead of us all wondering WTH.


The new blue is #00A0DC

Here is their change:


they don’t even comply to it either - at least their LAN Hue Bridge / LAN Hue Dimmable are still using the green … the only ST consistency is the ST inconsistency

Would be nice for Smartthings to tell the dev community what the colours should be for switches, sensors etc… to conform to the new colour schemes so that we can update all our custom handlers.


Yep, @Staff_Members, it certainly feels like SmartThings are trolling their community developers with this change!


As mentioned earlier in this thread from a support response, Device Handlers are being changed to adhere to some new color standards. Not all have been converted, which is why we see a mix of blue/green.

Here are the colors as they are today. There may be some slight changes regarding the hex codes, but rather than make you wait for the official docs, I’ll share what I have now.

Basically “on” states will be blue, “off” will be white, “inactive” will be gray, and orange will be used for anything that may require the user’s awareness (e.g., open contact sensor).

Here are the color codes:
Blue: #00a0dc
White: #ffffff
Orange: #e86d13
Gray: #cccccc

So for example, for the common capability/state color tiles, you’ll have:

Switch OFF and turningOff state: white (#ffffff)
Switch ON and turningOn state: blue (#00a0dc)
Presence Not Present: white (#ffffff)
Presence Present: blue text (#00a0dc)
Contact Closed: blue text (#00a0dc)
Contact Open: orange text (#e86d13)

Hope that helps!


But I don’t like IBM blue :slight_smile:


My closed contact (Laundry Garage Door) is Green, seems the above indicates it should be Blue or am I not following?
Edit: This also shows my Std switch as Green(Balcony/Garage) and Dimmer as Blue (Living Room)

And I know we are in the middle of global warming but my temp and humidity have me a bit worried, LOL



See the first part of my reply; not all have been converted, hence the mix of blue/green.

Thanks for the clarification @Jim, can I confirm the colours for motion to be blue and white, or blue and orange please?

Motion active blue, Motion inactive gray

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Are you sure this is the case? If you look at your most recent official fibaro gen5 motion sensor DH released by yourselves the colours are orange for motion and green for inactive.
Are you sure we are reverting to grey again for inactive and not blue like your contacts?

IBM Blue is “#466BB0.” So not that. :wink:


Wow, getting trolled by JD. Hope there is a badge for that :slight_smile:


I am going to ask and stupid question but please don’t hold me accountable, I am not developer. It is going to come back and bite me. LOL. Ahyway isn’t there some library that devices subscribe to that give them a standard color definitions or is that was is in process right now. Sorry.


No, the colors are hard coded in the DTH source code, like this:


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Could be easily fixed if we can refer to some predefined constants like stButtonColorActive or the like. But smartthings do not have anything like this. If they had then we would not need to revisit every DH when a change line this occurs.


I understand now. I thought maybe there was a class of devices that held the correct color combinations instead of going though each device and manually updating the colors.

I totally agree. Windows GUI development has had this for decades! This would allow all community-developed devices and apps to have a consistent feel, and also potentially lead to users being able to pick their own colour themes too (won’t hold breath).

Interestingly, there was at one point some kind of colour constants… I have seen references to, etc. here for example, but I’ve never got them to work in device handler tiles. Though we need functional constants like, st.colors.inactive, st.colors.warning etc.

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