New capability Temperature Alarm


I was creating a new device handler when I came across this capability in the IDE

“Temperature Alarm”

I couldn’t find it in the documentation, is this something new?

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What are its Attributes and Commands?

I guess that’s hard to tell without a sample DTH (or docs).

Attributes: temperatureAlarm

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My guess? (Boy I love guessing today!):

This is yet another Capability introduced for the ADT Integration. A few others were discovered and are discussed in the ADT Topic. None of them are documented, despite requests to @Jim.

A Temperature Alarm would be used by the ADT SmartApp as an indication of Fire, freezing pipes, or some other condition they’d like to handle with professional monitoring.

(Otherwise, this as a Capability doesn’t make much sense; since Capability Temperature + a configurable SmartApp can easily perform the same function.)

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Would be nice if the states were known, we’re working on a freeze sensor so if this attribute can be used for Freeze alerts awesome! @Jim

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I am running your DH for the aeon WPRIZ-1 motion.temp sensor
(Monoprice and Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion and Temperature Sensor)
and have it installed in a freezer (it was a spare sensor that would report temp).

Can a temp alarm over /under a set temp be added or is there a DH or SA that will accomplish this?


You will need a SmartApp for this. You can create a rule in Smart Home Monitor under Custom Rules. Select temperature monitor and define the rule.