New Cameras, Plugs not connecting to SmartThings

Moved into a new house and bought about 15 SmartThings plugs, cams, sensors. Connected them all to my SmartThings mesh network one after the other, almost effortlessly.

A few weeks ago I bought two SmartThings Plugs and two SmartThings Cams. None will connect to my network, saying the devices can’t connect to the network, should be reset, etc.

What’s happened? I’m kind of surprised the whole community isn’t fully lit up about this, but I’m finding nearly nothing about it. As of tonight, SmartThings is useless if I want to expand it, but I’m too invested in $$ to take the whole pile to the garbage.

Sure would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Some specs:

Hub: v3
Number of WiFi units: 3
Plugs: 7A-PL-W-A1
Cams: RC8335PRO (a search of this model on the entire site here yields 0 hits)
Phone: iPhone 10
App: 1.6.39-337

Thanks all!

which version of iOS? not beta I hope

I don’t believe so, no. iPhone XS Max. Model is MT6J2LL/A. Had it for just over a year.


does the hub show as connected in the device list?