New button in the Mobile App?

Maybe it only works with devices that are also repeaters.

Jasco light switches and receptacles seem to be my devices that drop off.

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No, the only reason why I tried using it was because the switch was communicating to both my security system and ST and my security system came up with a error for the device and I excluded it from that system. Then ST stopped working/communication with it. So then I used it to fix the error in communications and then it started working again. I did not include it back into the security system just because it is not the best when it comes to the z-wave and tying ST with it. So I have been keeping them separate.

I was able to use this last weekend for a Jasco switch. I have a couple of switches that decide to “forget” the z-wave network periodically. Usually had to take off all smart apps, exclude the switch, include switch, reload the smart apps.

With this function, it took about a minute to get the switch up and running again. Worked really well.

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My old posts seem to become retreads all the time! :smile:

I look forward to this functionality, @duncan . Might I also suggest one other option - device swap.

Scenario - I had a SmartThings Gen 1 motion sensor in our Foyer and a Monoprice motion in our kitchen. I really didn’t like the Monoprice where it was - timeouts, field of view, etc. It wasn’t the right brand/model for that location. I bought a Fibaro and thought it would be great in the foyer. Well, now you can see where this is going… So, I wanted move the Monoprice to a new location (garage), move the ST Gen1 to the kitchen, and put Fibaro in the foyer.

You can now imagine how much of a pain in the ass that was - lots of screen shots to remind myself the SmartApps assigned to the devices, etc.

I feel that this type of scenario might happen more often in the future. New devices are coming out much more regularly now. I can see people wanting to replace an existing device with the “next great thing” and move the older device to another location - setting off a domino or “hand me down” effect. I know these Fibaros certainly have the potential to do that!

So, this functionality also has the potential for ST to sell more devices. Think about it. That next gen sensor that is better than the current gen will be easier to buy if people know they can verily easily move sensors around and not have to reinvent the wheel with all their settings!

(See, I’m all about making money…and helping everyone out in the process! :slight_smile: )

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It still baffles me that we just accept that a device “Drops Off” at all. My whole house was using the same devices in the same places that they are now with a Homeseer system. I changed to ST because I wanted an easier interface to work with that my wife was comfortable with and I am not a programmer. I’m glad that this function is on it’s way, but I NEVER lost a device with the old program, didn’t even know it ever happened. Now we seem to accept it as commonplace. Unacceptable in my book.

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In my case, this has nothing to do with SmartThings and everything to do with inexpensive (read as cheap) Jasco switches. SmartThings has just provide a way to compensate for cheap hardware.

This is limited to three switches (and always the same three switches) and mostly likely means they are on their way to failing completely. I had the same thing happen when I was on the Vera system and the switch ultimately failed.

For me it is a straight cost/benefit analysis, I can spend $35 on a Jasco switch or $100 on Leviton or Cooper switch. At that cost, I can replace the Jasco switch 3 times (or do 3 switches instead of one) before it becomes more expensive than the other options. Now that my whole house has been converted to smart switches, I probably will use Cooper switches as my Jasco switches fail.

As we see more of these smart device being released for mass consumption (read as cheap), failing devices are going to become more common. No system (SmartThings, Vera, Homeseer, Revolv, etc…) is going to be able to compensate for failed hardware.

I never lost a device (nor did I know you could) when using the exact same devices with my Homeseer hub. Are you saying that they all failed at the same time because I bought cheap? If I uninstall a device and then reinstall it, it comes back to life, only to drop out after a few weeks. If I change the same device back over to my Homeseer hub, no problems. Looks like I’ll keep my cheap devices and move back to homeseer. I’m out the $100 I spent on ST. I may return if I see this getting resolved.

@duncan So… for those of us with Android who don’t have the replace function yet, could we “cheat the system”? Could I add a new device of the same type, then edit the devices in the API can give the new device the old device’s Network ID and then give the old device a dummy ID?

Yes, editing the deviceNetworkId would work kind of like the “general replace function” that I mentioned. It’s not the same as the Z-Wave protocol-level replace since the new device would still be a different node from the protocol and network point-of-view, but that’s not a huge difference.

@duncan, I apologize if I missed a discussion or release notes, but did this feature make into any of the latest Android releases? I have a dead device, and I did tap on Replace, but nothing is happening.

There’s a problem with it in 1.7.4 but it is supposedly working in 1.7.5 which should be released soon.

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Cool, thanks for the reply.