New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

meross has been added ( outlet, switch/dimmer)

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These are high quality but value priced WiFi devices, many models with good safety certifications (ETL).

They also have a line of 433Mhz sensors, but those require their own hub and the only integration options are through IFTTT.

ilumin by inovelli has been added. Darn spell checker!


I just tried it, logged in fine but then devices are not added in ST.

Agreed, I added the Meross integration but nothing appears in ST.

iZone Home has been added

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This is very interesting. So you could potentially add a contact sensor with dry contact terminals (or leads soldered to the reed switch) and you have a bluetooth presence sensor, a vehicle sensor, and you could use Siri Shortcuts on iPhone to trigger presence, Alexa Routines to trigger presence, Google Assistant (via Google Assistant Relay) to trigger presence, or IFTTT.


And the beat thing is it integrates with smartthings.

Or any hub that supports contact sensors or buttons, so…Anything

Salus has been added (outlet)

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This guy


they are being added at the bottom on the list or in some room

Are the brands region based? I’m looking to use bond which is currently available but it’s not showing up on my smartthings app.
I’m in Europe.

Are there any work arounds to try get brand support from particular regions?


Yes they are. Not sure about any workarounds other than changing the region for your whole Samsung account.

wow, I thought this day would never come

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Global Suite has been added (lighting)

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wifi bulbs powered by Tuya’s iot cloud. I think this may be the first brand to have a Tuya cloud integration?


When will the MQTT local integartion come for those devices?

OK… Global Suite has been removed

Homie is a terrible brand name for SEO. :wink: