New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Copper Labs has been added (Energy Monitoring)

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Chameleon has been added

It is an energy monitoring thing but it’s still in beta.

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Maybe I’ll finally be able to connect my IHD3 to smartthings, it never worked with Bulb Energy with my smart meter being SMETS1 and Invalid GUID errors.

Bosch home connect is coming soon!!!

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this is great! I’m in the market for a new dishwasher. I wonder what functionality it will have.

Sometimes I wonder if companies review the images on their sites? Living Room Dishwasher, Living Room Washer and Dryer in the screenshot on the Bosch page. And the Dryer shows as offline :wink: :sunglasses:


My dishwasher is in my living room right now watching the news.

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And I thought it was strange that it’s common in Europe to keep your clothes washing machine in the kitchen…

Could say bedroom dishwasher for all I care, this is amazing news.

Not as strange as keeping microwaves above cooker hobs, every time I watch an American program that shows a kitchen I have to pause it and look in absolute horror


Yes, we never recovered from the introduction of the inside toilet.

Was anyone else hoping that when Bosch was mentioned it was actually going to be power tools?


Imagine being able to operate your table or miter saw from anywhere! LOL



Those have built in ventilation, that’s why

Solu-M has been removed

iPool Inc has been added

Did you mean this one?


Lol this was in someways exactly what I expected from you guys :grin:

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Ipool Inc has been added

The two separate Sonoff listings have been merged into a single listing :slight_smile: