New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Interesting. Where are you seeing the ads? Also interesting I jsut saw this article yesterday

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In multiple device selections under Add Device…

Ahh yeah… nothing like some snappy Jazz to keep your greens crispy in the fridge.

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Ah. I thought there has been ads there for a while? Or was that only in the mall?

Today is the first time I have seen them. If you have suggestion cards enabled, you might have seen those ads.

@Andremain noticed yesterday that the new ecobee integration also removed the brand from the UK list

Blue blob ad here :upside_down_face:

Wow, what happened to your icons? Also i had adds here for quite some time now…

sometimes they load, sometimes they don’t. Lovely experience in the iOS app right now.

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Wow that sucks! Lets hope they figure it out soon enough.

Here is a screenshot from my s20

The adds have been there for a while, unless i am missing something else.

My ads only appear if I select a device type

Same. The good thing is they are not intrusive…

part of me thinks its a bug in the app UI. Why bury them inside that extra device type/brand level?

This is probably for us to get used to and then it will get worse.

If someone is looking for a cheap and well-functioning smart outlet, I recommend the Tapo P100. I have been using 4 pieces integrated with android ST for about 10 days and they are perfect. ( Hungary )

New One has been added (switch/dimmer but lists a z-wave plug)

What on earth is new one?

Google Lens search returned nothing on that logo. How strange.

After it’s been on the list for a week it’ll change to ‘Old One.’



Found it. The pull request hasn’t even been accepted yet :man_facepalming: