New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Check out routines in Classic app. Remember, this is all just simple programming and I’m shocked Samsung hasn’t brought it over yet. One of the biggest reasons why people still have been using Classic app.

I can set up automation to go from Away Day mode to Away night mode, but only if it isn’t already in Home Day or Home Night modes. This is key because Away or Home modes determine when certain automations run. I have yet to be able to setup those sequences on the new app.

On top of this, my Schlage door locks only show battery and open/close functions in new app. I have at least 8 functions to change on Classic app.

Really don’t see how the new app is any better, even though it should already show all the same info and features plus more.

They aren’t a thing of the past because Scenes and Automations don’t even come close to the options that exist on routines, hence why you need to still use Routines on the classic app.

Try making a scene that changes mode to Away Day mode then try and make an automation that will change it to Away Day mode at sunrise, but only if not in Home Day or Home Night mode. Doesn’t let you

You would need to make automations that change it from away and home. You need to self migrate all your routines into automations to fully use the new app. The SHM in both are separate, so you would need to configure the new app to use the new one with your modes. You can use presence sensing to change modes and the new STHM if that is what you need. They have stated Routines are never coming over.

Your Schlage lock probably needs the DTH updated to support the new app. DTH usually need to be updated for full functionality in the new app.

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Go check out routines and the options in there. In no way does the new app with scenes and automations even come close in functionality.

Can you give me a specific use case? I’ve moved all my existing routines into scenes and automations.

@jamesonrw & @tpersuit I didn’t realize we were talking in the “new brands” thread. Please move this discussion in the specific thread…


Any updates on other ewelink devices other than the zigbee sonoff?

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Based on the devices handlers, models DS01, MS01 and SA-003


How about the SmartThings Air Quality Sensor and the SmartThings Temp/Humidity Sensor listed under SmartThings. (When) are they available?

Sorry for the dutch language :wink:

The Temp/Humidity is an old device that is no longer sold. Air Quality…you tell us :slight_smile: Devices are regional, so I can’t see it on my USA account. Good find! It may also be mobile OS specific. Does anyone in the USA see this in their app?

Nexia has been added (thermostat)

Samsung has a new 2019 trademark application in the EU for air quality, so likely coming to Europe first. (Air quality sensors are a very popular category there.)

They have the same application in the USA. Northern Europe does seem to be getting new devices first, though. They got SmartThings Vision several months ago.

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Eyedro energy monitors have been added. Looks like something may have gone away too…

My bad! First Alert was already there but the icon for it changed. Eyedro was the second new item added per @Automated_House post above.

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SwitchBot has been added


Global Suite has been added again. It was first added on 10/28 and removed soon after but it is back now.

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VIAROOM has been added (wi-fi/hub)

I’m seeing some reports that adding Global Suite brings in other brands of products that also run on the Tuya platform :sunglasses:


I’ve created an account and set things up to connect Viaroom. I’m curious how this will go. AI based smart home seems like a pipe dream.