New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

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Can you move your general questions to a separate thread? This thread should be limited to announcements of new devices and brands to the ST platform and any follow up on those devices :slight_smile:


The Tapo listing has been updated to have the category Outlet instead of Other.


Nice catch man

Not sure when this changed but there is only one option when setting up Lutron now so I assume they have removed the old integration in favor of the new integration.

Lutron has completely disappeared from the UK app

Is Lutron Caseta available in the UK?

No. Some of their professionally installed systems are.

And some of the smart window covering models are available through professional installers there, which is why you will sometimes see pico’s for sale because they are intended for use with the smart shades.

But the Caseta model line has only ever been manufactured for US electrical systems, they won’t work in UK homes.

That’s what I thought. So makes sense it isn’t shown anymore for UK accounts.

It’s a little more complicated than that. The Lutron RA2 line is sold in the UK with in-line modules (similar to Aeotec micros). And that line says that it has a smartthings integration in the US, and it uses the same SmartBridge as the IFTTT line. It also works with Ifttt, HomeKit, and Alexa.

Because the Caseta line are all in one switches, and they are only manufactured for US electrical systems, they are not available in the UK. But it would be entirely possible for some of the other models to work, so I’m not sure why they are not included in the integration.

But I’m pretty sure that in the UK they’re only warranteed if they are installed by an approved installer. They are not a DIY brand there.

We should take any further discussion on this line to a separate thread, though, I think we said about as much as we can about why it is or isn’t (or should or shouldn’t) be included in the app selections. :wink:

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Looks like we have ads now … woohoo! And yes, I have Suggestion cards disabled in set up.

Anyone want to Get Premium Music in your Kitchen?

Same here, plus the cards under Life that I keep deleting keep showing back up… yay.

Interesting. Where are you seeing the ads? Also interesting I jsut saw this article yesterday

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In multiple device selections under Add Device…

Ahh yeah… nothing like some snappy Jazz to keep your greens crispy in the fridge.

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Ah. I thought there has been ads there for a while? Or was that only in the mall?

Today is the first time I have seen them. If you have suggestion cards enabled, you might have seen those ads.

@Andremain noticed yesterday that the new ecobee integration also removed the brand from the UK list

Blue blob ad here :upside_down_face:

Wow, what happened to your icons? Also i had adds here for quite some time now…