New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Nope it just says technisat on off zwave devices

WiDom srl has been added

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I have a thermostat Honeywell TCC and it certainly does not seem to be supported. When I try to add it to the SmartThings app, it takes me to the Honeywell Home account. This does not hold the info on my thermostat and it should take me to my totalconnectcomfort website instead.
Am I doing something wrong?



Are you using an Evohome device in the UK or the TCC devices in the US?

I’m using a EvoHome in the UK. By I access it via the Home app (iOS) or via the TCC website.
Is there a difference by location?


As of now there is NO official Evohome integration inside Smartthings. I suspect it is coming but there is currently none. If you want you can use my Evohome integration which you can get from here: [RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome 2020 Integration with new Smartthings app

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Thanks, I will have a look at your link and try that way.
Out of curiosity, had I been US based, would it be different?

Honeywell works in mysterious ways. While the naming for Total Connect Comfort exists in both the EU and the US, they have nothing in common. TCC thermostats in the US are nothing like Evohome. They use different apps, different servers and always separate the 2 which is why you cannot add your evohome to an Amazon Alexa that has been switched to the US region. As far as i could gather, the evohome platform will eventually be added to the Honeywell Home app and a separate TCC International (non US, go figure…) Integration will appear for Smartthings users in the EU.

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Samsung ITM has been added (lighting)

Is this a Matter device category?

Not sure but maybe this is the device? ITM-D-BZ - Zigbee Alliance

never mind VISION2 has returned (presence sensor)

Hi again,

I looked at your link and I don’t even know where to start, I’m afraid :anguished:
Is there any page where I can learn where and how to add those code snippets?
Thanks again for your help!

Sure. I have updated the original post adding instructions for adding the integration.

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The presense sensor is new right?

Yes, it’s a zigbee key fob that also has a button…though I’m not sure SmartThings supports the button part.

I got it running!
Thanks for the instructions, worked like a charm?
Out of curiosity, which language is that code I copied/pasted from GitHub?


That is called groovy and is slated to be depricated some time in the near future. Probably by the end of 2021 or 2022. So the integration will stop working with it.

No way! Will it be replaced by something else or will it just stop working outright?
Just when I got a SmartThings hub…

It will stop working and you will need to remove it. Honeywell is migrating their users to their new platform. Whn that is done we could see an official integration. But that may also never happen.

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