New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Better yet, have it lock your refrigerator or food pantry until you lose weight?


What does it actually mean when it says “Devices available in other countries” when you go to add some devices? I can still add and use them

I think that means devices available in all countries.

some interesting permissions for the Withings integration. I can’t tell if this means ST devices can be controlled from Withings, or if Withings will be controlling devices inside SmartThings via automations, scenes, etc.

It’s an odd one. There’s nothing on my scale that would allow me to trigger anything in smartthings anyway.

You can post your Withhings Scales questions/reviews in the Withings Scales thread now :slight_smile:

Withings Scales integration (May 2020)

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ADF Devices have been added

It appears to be some kind of an esp8266 connector service.


The adf integration appears not to be working. I have created a device and added it to the adf platform. Adding the integration to smartthings does not bring my device in.

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That’s an interesting service. Looks like they blogged about it this morning

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Nice. Especially as the old community-developed integration quit working a while back.

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I’ve taken a punt on ordering the bits to make a simple light meter with ADF firmware. I’ll report back how I get on


I did a soil sensor before they posted it is not supported

Did the SmartThings brand icon change in the device brand list? I think it used to be blue on white. Now it’s white on blue.

Yes i noticed it as well

Changed on the website and forum too:

Hasn’t changed in the PlayStore yet:

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Lock the fridge if you’re over your target weight? :smiley:

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Light meter from ADF works well. Flashing the nodeMCU was easy. The only thing that confused me was the step to configure your home wifi, you need to join the device’s AP from the same device as you configured the wifi credentials on (I was configuring the wifi on my laptop and joining the AP on my phone)


Something got added… :thinking:


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Yep, I was too lazy to look. Waiting for you

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Lexi devices