New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

If you already have an account, from your last screenshot above, click where it says Honeywell…click to enter your credentials. From that screen, Enter your Honeywell user name and password and you will be connected/integrated

@Andremain. If you still have issues, pm me. Don’t want to hijack this thread anymore than we already have !! :smiley:

You know what we need back on the platform? Blink Cameras!

Come on @SmartThings and Amazon!!!

@rboy, didn’t you mention something about a potential, maybe, someday, kind of Blink/ST engagement happening several months ago?

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Don’t you mean … come on Amazon!!! :wink:


No, he really means Come on @SmartThings. And the support of custom DH with camera features in the new App. :wink:


I’m told that SmartThing has a solution for cameras coming forth and hopefully they will give us enough time to complete the migration from the Classic app. We have a lot in our pipeline Foscam, Blink, Wyze and more. And yes Amazon also needs to jump on the bandwagon to ensure a smooth experience like what Blink had created.


Rachio has been added

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But it gives a network error

at what point in the process? I see the rachio login screen but do not have an account to login

Rachio released a new update for their app today (version 4.0), maybe you need that. I connected it fine, here.

@jkp where the login screen should be. I get the same thing for Konnekted as well.

Select Rachio > irrigation > select location and rooms > authenticate to Rachio

Do you have any malware/blocker apps installed on your mobile device or home network? If yes, try disabling to see what happens

@jkp i have disabled my malwarebytes software and the issue persists. I am in europe btw.

Contact ST support and report the issue

Ultion has been added (door locks)

Something has been removed but cant remember what…

Blaze has been removed


That rachio integration snuck up out of nowhere. Was that announced somewhere else? I’m digging the simple integration now. I just want to be able to do simple zone pausing from ST. Everything else can be handled in rachios app - it’s such a good product as is.

i’m assuming it was just updated to support the new app. It existed in the classic app for a while.