New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Other has been removed.

lol wtf…

Other was moved it appears

It’s back! Now it is just listed in By Brand as Z-Wave

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When will be added “again” ? :slight_smile:

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I saw in another thread were they were estimating end of January I believe


thanks, I’m coming from this topic and could not find globe suite anymore…

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@Beata_Burczyk it sounds like Globe Suite is targeting to bring back the integration sometime in January/February.


OK, there is a new brand listed but I lost track so I can not figure out what was recently added… oops! :slight_smile:

Found it - Enjoyable Warmth

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Shelly has been added

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Both of the above have the @JDRoberts reported bug that when you click on them, a different device name appears when asking to select the rooms for them to be added to.


I’ve just looked at the Shelly and it list as Others. And for me on the room selection page shows Shelly Cloud. Probably that bug doesn’t effect my phone as I don’t use English natively. (Dodged that bullet.)
And indeed it brings to the Shelly Cloud login page.
(I’ve checked on my wife’s phone too. Her phone has English as default language, and it shows Shelly Cloud as well.)

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I hope they get it back soon. My two plugs are running still, but I really need to change their names.

Busy day in the New Brands department…

Konnected has been added


Unfortunately I tried to connect but it didn’t find any device, Don’t know why. Does someone get to find shelly devices?

Are they on the stock Shelly firmware and have you added them to your Shelly Cloud? Can you control them from the Shelly Cloud?

Yes absolutely, thay have the stock firmware, updated to the last version and are in the shelly cloud, all of them, I control them with Alexa as well

Shoot a message to Shelly on there Facebook community page. There might be some issue with it.

Shelly has been removed