New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Rooms Beautiful has been added (window treatments)

Moodo has been added (air purifier)

Logitech has been removed.


I can confirm all of my Tuya devices have been added through Globe with the exception of an IR device.


I just need to say MAJOR THANK YOU. I’d never heard of Global Suite, but I was able to take ALL my outlets and add them to ST. I officially no longer need virtual switches or routines through Alexa to use my outlets!! Thank you!!

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Axis has been added (window treatments)

Finally! They’ve been working on that DTH for months.

Smartlife account to the Globe/Tuya sign in page works fine

I can get the Globe app to connect, and can see a GoSund smart plug. The problem I have is the same as using a virtual switch with Alexa controlled devices. If you control it outside of smartthings (manually or via Alexa), the status does not update in smartthings. If I go into the classis app, open the plug and hit the refresh button, it does update status. So now the question is, how do I get it to poll status without a webcore that fires every 3 seconds?

OK… ST may still be in the process of adding this item --> Default Brand (ICL) has been added. (Refrigerator)

Not sure they have entered the name correctly and it fails to load.

It is what everyone has been waiting for… wait for it! Wait for it! —> Ads have been added to the bottom of the screen when you select a device in The Add Device section. Anyone need a SmartThings cam?

Ha, interesting. I forget what section of the app it was in, but I think I saw an ad for paid storage for the cam, too.

That was in Add Smartapp

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Thermia has been added (air conditioner)

Default Brand (ICL) was added 5 days ago… it was removed today. RIP

Well, discovering new brands in the latest version of the ST app just became harder to determine if not next to impossible. Not sure I will continue posting to this thread :frowning:

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uh oh. Time to check the app store for the update.

Thanks for all the hard work so far. I got to the same point regarding Ifttt after they made a change that made it impossible to see the triggers unless you actually owned the device. So it goes. :disappointed_relieved:


Sad day! This has been the most useful thread for me since I joined the forums and started tracking. Thank you for all your work making this list and keeping it up to date!