New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform

Samsung has a new 2019 trademark application in the EU for air quality, so likely coming to Europe first. (Air quality sensors are a very popular category there.)

They have the same application in the USA. Northern Europe does seem to be getting new devices first, though. They got SmartThings Vision several months ago.

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Eyedro energy monitors have been added. Looks like something may have gone away too…

My bad! First Alert was already there but the icon for it changed. Eyedro was the second new item added per @Automated_House post above.

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SwitchBot has been added


Global Suite has been added again. It was first added on 10/28 and removed soon after but it is back now.

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VIAROOM has been added (wi-fi/hub)

I’m seeing some reports that adding Global Suite brings in other brands of products that also run on the Tuya platform :sunglasses:


I’ve created an account and set things up to connect Viaroom. I’m curious how this will go. AI based smart home seems like a pipe dream.

Minoston has been added

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EVA LOGIK has been added (outlet)

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Rooms Beautiful has been added (window treatments)

Moodo has been added (air purifier)

Logitech has been removed.


I can confirm all of my Tuya devices have been added through Globe with the exception of an IR device.


I just need to say MAJOR THANK YOU. I’d never heard of Global Suite, but I was able to take ALL my outlets and add them to ST. I officially no longer need virtual switches or routines through Alexa to use my outlets!! Thank you!!

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Axis has been added (window treatments)

Finally! They’ve been working on that DTH for months.

Smartlife account to the Globe/Tuya sign in page works fine