New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform (using STSC)

(jkp) #1

I noticed over the past few weeks that SmartThings has added about 5 new Brands/Devices to the Add Device section in the STSC app. These do not appear on the Products page so I decided to start this thread to post new items as they become available.

Aurora (Light bulb, Outlet, Remote/Button, Switch/Dimmer)
Dacor (Range)
Deako Smart Lighting
Innr (Light bulb, Outlet)
LeakSMART (Valve, Waterleak sensor)
Leviosa Shades
Modern Forms
Mysa Smart Thermostat
Ozom (Outlet, Siren)
Radio Thermostat
Rinnai America
Stelpro (Thermostat)

There was a disclaimer on the previous version of STSC so better be safe and include it : These devices are compatible but may not be certified by SmartThings. Performance may vary.

last updated: March 15, 2019

(Jimmy) #2

Yeah, a couple things seems to be happening:

  1. some companies are going live with the new cloud-to-cloud tools (Rinnai, Activage, Leviosa, etc)
  2. They used to filter zigbee devices by region, but opened it up to worldwide

Good to see more companies coming on board though! Based on some device handler updates lately, Zooz, ezex and some devices from existing brands should be coming, too.

(DavidK) #3

What was updated for zooz? I have a couple of zooz.

(Jimmy) #4

All the switches/outlets, zse18 motion and zse40 multi. Just fingerprints assigned to existing handlers.

(Moshe E) #5

When can we expect to see official integration for TP-Link/Kasa?

(Jimmy) #6

Probably need to ask them that.

(jkp) #7

Zooz and Radio Thermostat have been added.

(jkp) #8

Default Brand (My Smart Blinds) has been added

(Jimmy) #9

:joy: someone messed up that deployment. Weird icon and “default brand”.

(jkp) #10

And today, it has been removed :slight_smile:

(Jimmy) #11

it was throwing an error even trying to launch it, so they must have pulled it to fix it

(Jimmy) #12

did they remove radio thermostat too?

(jkp) #13

Yep, appears they have