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New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform (using SmartThings v3 app)

Homie has been added. Updated list in 1st post

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What is Homie? Hard to find any info with a quick Google search.

no clue! I tried a search as well but couldn’t find anything that matched with their logo

Screenshot? I might’ve seen it before.

I’ll have to post later today as I am tied up. Hopefully someone can post it sooner

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Looks like.the website is

Ok, I’ve seen that before.

They’re in Thailand. The company is Megahertz Company. They have a product line of a few devices Called Homie.

Try this website:

Most recent addition - Z-Wave Alliance

That’s really weird since the z-wave alliance doesn’t actually manufacture anything. It throws an error too.


It seems to work for me… prompts me to put my device in pairing mode. But then, I do not have any devices :slight_smile:

Z-Wave Alliance is no more - it has been removed. That was quick

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My guess would be it’s some other Z wave brand and they just put up the wrong logo. :wink:

Samsung SDS has been added. It was added previously, then removed and now it is back. Go figure!

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And the strangest addition —> Other


Actually makes a lot of sense. It’s for any non-supported device and triggers a generic inclusion for Z-wave, Zigbee and LAN.

Rinnia Korea has been added.

strange its separate from the other Rinnai. must use different cloud implementation.

Have you noticed that if you click on certain brands, they are added to your connected services even if you click cancel and choose not to add them? I only clicked on Homie and Currant and now they are in connected services and I can’t remove them.

yup. I have Homie stuck there because of that. No way to delete it either.

Kiturami is the latest addition

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