New Brands/Devices available on the SmartThings Platform (using SmartThings v3 app)

Hopefully EZVIZ cameras will get integration

That would be nice, my 3 ezviz cameras are ready for a direct integration.

Sinric Pro has been added (lighting)

Looks very similar to the ADF devices integration.

You don’t need to pay 3 euros per month just to get the Smartthings integration though

These Lexi tealights look interesting if i could make them without the powerbank and lexi hub setup. Would it be possible for Hue to discover these since they offer bluetooth now aswell? So smartthings can import it from hue?

I just noticed in their shopping cart they ship only to the US… but they show a review from someone in germany?

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Hue’s Bluetooth works with their app, not with their bridge. It won’t discover Bluetooth devices from any other brand. It’s intended as a starter step for people who are not ready to buy a bridge. Once someone does have a Hue bridge, then that same device uses Zigbee to connect to it just like older hue devices.

I believe Google Home devices are supporting these Bluetooth bulbs as well. But this discussion should be in another topic.

Otherwise indeed some people has issues to connect them.

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Marvin Home has been added. It is doors and windows with built in lock sensors.

That’s pretty cool!

I noticed that there is a Fibaro Keyfob in the new ST app but no new handler in the IDE.

Is this just a lag between the devs listing it in the IDE?

Post withdrawn - just having one of those days where I am not saying what I want properly

Great cheers jkp. I’m assuming i’ll need to exclude and re-add the device to use the new handler.

No, if it is working as is… keep on using it

It’s in the IDE/Github and it’s still groovy. It’s part of the “Z-Wave Multi Button”

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Yes, I should have written my response better. I will edit that.

It is probably best to leave as it is for now. If it works OK in the new app, I would not mess with it.

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Ewelink cloud removed

Looks like they finally got them properly consolidated under one ewelink brand

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