New Beta Dropcam SmartApp?

I thought I’d check to see if anything new had been added for Dropcam (ability to turn on/off using ST) and I found something called ‘Cameras On When I’m Away’ so I tried it and this is what I saw.

It says ‘Cameras On When I’m Away’ but the settings say ‘When all of these people are home’ and ‘Turn off camera power’. Currently I’m using the SmartPower Outlet to turn my Dropcams on and off based on presence. Don’t get me wrong I am happy that they are trying to control the power of Dropcams directly but the wording on this seems a little off. I’d also like to see one with ‘ON’ setting as well. Any new/cool things with Dropcam to announce maybe? Please.

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I just picked up a few dropcams and saw this when I was trying to set them up. I thought this was going to turn them on and off based on my modes but it just seems to want to turn on an outside switch and not the dropcam itself. I’m got a wemo switch setting around I guess I could use, but was hoping for better integration.

Anyone at SmartThings have a comment on this or Dropcam in general?

There is post on here somewhere where someone wrote a different device type for the Dropcam and adds a on/off switch. I was using that to turn my cameras on/off based on if I was home or not. Worked perfectly. Seems this beta app would tie into that perfectly.