New Automation Not Showing in App

I created an automation to notify me when my freezer is opened. While creating it, I received a “no network connection” error and it looked like it didn’t get created. However, it seems it did get created as I’m getting notifications when the freezer opens, but the automation doesn’t show on my phone. Usually, if I click on an automation notification in the app, it takes me to the automation, however I don’t get that behavior for this automation.

How do I edit or remove it?

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You are going to have to contact support.

I had one quite awhile ago. Happened exactly the same way. My device was Zwave and I only used it in that one automation so I removed the device and rejoined it, orphaning the rule.

At the time it happened to me support couldn’t help but I’ve seen reports from others that support can now find and remove these ghost Automations that get created.

I have a similar issue. In my case an old automation stopped showing in my list of Automations (iPhone App). It is still there as I’m getting the programmed notifications. Can’t turn it Off, or delete it. I’ll try Costumer Support next.