New App won't run a specific scene like the old app used to when presence is changed

Hi, I updated our apps to the new Smartthings on our iphones. Everything went fairly smoothly until I noticed that the hub wasn’t changing to AWAY mode. Realized that the new apps added new member names so I enabled those names and deleted the old names. The “Goodbye” Scene used to include the presence names but they are no longer in the scene. So I went into Automations and created a new automation where when we are all gone, the hub goes into Away mode and the Goodbye scene is run which turns off all the devices.

Now here’s the problem… I have a “I’m Back” scene that does nothing but switches the hub’s mode from away to back. I want to create an automation that will run the I’m Back scene when any phone comes back ONLY if the current mode is away. I can’t get the app to do this.

Another problem is that my Sonos used to announce “Someone’s arriving”. That is now gone too. I don’t see any way to add a phrase to my speaker. Is this feature gone?


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You should be able to create an automation with a Mode as precondition and then have it run the scence if the precondition is met. Also if you’re running a scene to change the hub mode and the hub already in that mode, it won’t have any effect on your system.

Regarding Sonos, you may want to check out this app for custom announcements using your Sonos.

Hi, I had the precondition in the automation. As long as the scene had a mode setting, the automation wouldn’t let me select the scene. If I removed the mode in the scene, then the automation let me pick that scene. I was then able to change the scene and the notification seemed happy. BUT… I discarded the I’m back automation once I realized that I had a smartapp already setup. This smartapp does have the sonos setup to do the “someone is arriving” announcement.

Thanks for telling me about the Chimes and Notifications. That looks pretty cool and I will test it out.