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New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

(Davin K Dameron) #121

Winner winner chicken dinner. What a pain. lol

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(Melinda Little) #122

Just curious, does anyone how this works with LAN connected devices? Just to see, I have made the suggested changes to a couple of my custom DTHs, but no luck. Maybe that part isn’t there yet.

Honestly, I have no desire to move over, but was curious how this new info would work. I did get one zigbee device fixed. However, I’m not interested in going through the pain of fixing the majority of my 79 devices at this time. Classic is fine for me as long as it exists. I’m just monitoring the progress, especially of the LAN devices.

The new app is a complete mess. Most of my devices use default handlers, but are still “UNKNOWN” devices, including Ecobee, Phillips Hue Color (2 of the 3 white only work), GE wall switches, and Sylvania Lights just for starters.

My Sengled lights are weird, I have 4 identical ones. Three are fine, the fourth shows, disconnected, but you can press the on/off and it works.

Any device that has a custom handler at least has a name, but is disconnected.

All of this is more than I want to deal with, so Classic for me, until things improve or I’m forced to take action.

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #123

Are your GE switches Zigbee or Z-Wave?

My GE Z-Wave switches using default DTH’s are working without issue in the new app. In fact, all but one of my Z-Wave devices are working in the new app. The only other devices not working are my zigbee Hampton Bay Fan controllers.

I know others have had issues too. Interesting how one system completely fails and another “not so much”.

(Melinda Little) #124

GE switches Z-wave, I believe the newest is even Z-wave+.

Indeed it is interesting how different folks are seeing different things.

Things still work, so I can’t justify the effort to make the new app “pretty and functional” right now. Once things change, then I’ll have some decisions to make.

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(Allan) #125

I made some changes to the MyQ Lite DTH that got approved to make the device function but because of no device health it sits at “Checking status” on the overview screen. Click it and its fine but that’s not super helpful. I even copied the device health stuff over from the stock EcoBee DTH and it didn’t work.

@Jim originally made the announcement about this two years ago in this thread yet there is still just guessing. I’m sure they have a guide on how to update DTHs…why they cant release it doesn’t make sense.

(Melinda Little) #126

Did you make changes other than what is outlined here? I would consider “Checking status” a bit of an improvement from disconnected, but not by much.

Is it because I’m using hubaction to makes calls or is it not knowing what they are looking for as device health? SInce this is all “unofficial”, I’m just watching and continuing for now with Classic.

(Allan) #127

Ive done a couple including a RGBW controller which works good even with device health. Like I unplug it and it shows offline after the time I set it’s health to. But I cannot figure out device health on a ‘cloud’ device such as MyQ. Like I said I copy and pasted the EcoBee stuff which should work and it didn’t. Might just have to keep playing with it.

(ELllv) #128

Hi everybody,

I see this themread goes all the way back to August 18 and I’m currently on the move. It looks like there’s some modifications to make to cust device handlers to get them to work properly with the new app. Mine used to not connect st all but now I see they connect but not all tiles / status events seem to refresh or even appear at all.

Can someone show me the way toward the modifications that need to be made in order for customized apps to work properly in the new ST iPhone app?

I’m pretty sure this has been said already in this thread but it’d be great if one could tell me around when it’s been figured out in the thread for it’s quite older than a year now so it could take quite a long time to figure out.

Thank you

(Jimmy) #129

You only have to read the first 4 posts of this thread…

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #130

I noticed this week that you can now turn the light on/off from the dashboard in STSC when using the Home Depot Hampton Bay Fan Controller. I was able to turn the fan on/off from the dashboard in a previous update. Fan speed control is still only able to be changed using an automation rule.

(Jimmy) #131

It appears They made some kind of update that supports child devices.


I wish they’d communicate changes in the Community (forget about email). It would be nice to know what’s going on vs. spinning up the app and stumbling upon new features, bug fixes, and enhancements.

(Jimmy) #133

yeah, there is exactly 0 PR regarding the new app.

(Mike) #134

I’m workin with a DH from redloro for the Russound integration. Would anyone be willing to take a look at that code and tell what to change so the devices show up in the new app?


(Melinda Little) #135

What little I remember in looking at that integration is that it is using a RS232 protocol cable via a LAN bridge program.

The problem is the LAN part, i.e. the hubAction. I have tried everything I can find to get the two LAN devices I have, Nanoleaf and Logitech Media Server, to work. They report “Disconnected” in the new app. I’m just waiting for an answer that makes sense and works. I don’t think it exists yet, or at least I can’t find it.

So I wait and see how it all unfolds. It works in the Classic app, so I’m content for now, but I know it will eventually change.

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