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New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

(Allan) #101

Anyone have any ideas about this one:

It’s using generic-leak-3 which now makes me have to assume there is also a generic-leak-2 out there and also possibly other variants of others.

(Jimmy) #102

Good question. Looks like it has the same capabilities as the smartsense moisture sensor, so not sure why it uses a different VID.

(Michael Orbon) #103

Anyone find a VID for Air Conditioner?

(Simon Tether) #104

Have you tried adding OCF device type of “oic.d.airconditioner” ?

(Arthur V) #105

Change DTH in the device settings to any DTH in the list other then the one you need and then change back to the one you need…

Also: this thread is extremely helpful, thank you ST users!


Hi. I tried everything you’ve write above, but I still have all devices disconnected in the new app. Any idea?
(I have netatmo weather station, my own computer DTH, Qubino Shutter module, a simple virtual switch, etc.)

(Rey Rios) #107

Awesome! That worked! Thanks!