New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

You may want to try the vid for generic-switch. I have some momentary buttons i use, and by using that vid I was able to get them to work in the new app.

Did you have to add the switch capability? I tried the vid generic-switch and now the app seems to recognize it but it is continuously saying checking status.

By the way, what does vid mean?

vid: “Vendor ID”


My Xiaomi buttons are showing up but sit in Checking Status…
I used bspranger code for the classic app and worked fine. The new app does not work however.

He hasn’t added the vid metadata yet

This Zigbee Xiaomi device DHT work with new app Smartthings
I can see open/close and the battery for my door sensor

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Are you seeing “Last Opened” in the new app?

@HA_fanatic - How was that list of known vid’s compiled and have there been any updates?

Looking at the developer docs (, it says this about mnmn:
Each manufacturer is identified by the string mnmn, for example, ab12. Manufacturers must use the manufacturer name, which was granted when a SmartThings app sync request was made as the mnmn value. If any text is used as the mnmn value, the device cannot be added to the Samsung IoT Cloud, and the device’s metadata cannot be registered on the Metadata Server. An mnmn value is given to each manufacturer and all devices manufactured by a manufacturer use the same mnmn value. Here it lists just two valid mmnm, one for Samsung stuff and one (“SmartThings”) for smartthings devices.

For vendor id it says:
ID is a text value that a manufacturer can freely assign to a device they release. Each product must have a unique VID value. For Samsung’s home appliances, TVs, and audio products, when a manufacturer has multiple product groups, they can classify the metadata of their products internally using different prefixes for VID values.

It lists how it sorts Samsung vids, but doesn’t mention anything for smartthings.


You can get a list started from the handlers on the SmartThings public github

It was compiled by some developers who wanted to make their devices work in the new app. It is definitely an unofficial list.

Is anyone seeing any settings in the new app? I modified one of my custom handlers that had some simple parameters on it and it can now connect to the device in the new app, but I don’t see any option or access to the parameters of the device itself. It’s just a dimmer switch, so I used generic-dimmer. Wondering if all the generic-xxx vids will be bereft of parameters or it’s just me.

I haven’t found a way to change device settings in the new app, even for standard handlers (I.e. GE led indicator setting)

anybody know what the vid is for a presence sensor? it was generic-arrival, but something has changed and that is not working any more.

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Still working for me

see the thing is my old ones are. But when I create a new one, it is no good, and I changed the dth on one of them and then put it back and now it won’t show up at all. Can you try to create a new one and see if it shows up for you?

It seems that the official Rachio device handler/integration isn’t functional in the new app - anyone seen any news on that?

Anyone have a suggested vid for the GE Fan switches? I’m using the DH from jscgs350.

Is there a way to hide child device in the new app? I have the isComponent set to true to hide it from the Things view in Classic app, however it shows up in the New App.

Is the generic-button vid working? It is showing up as an on/off switch in the new App. Would it be possible to configure it as a push button on the view and a on/off switch in the details?



Is there anybody out there using this DTH? Anybody out there know if it’s safe with the new SmartThings app?

That DTH is not showing in the new app. It could be modified. I like that handler as it has extra options, beside color adjustments.