New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

heads gone now should
be ocfdevicetype: or ocfResourceType:

Must be written somewhere in the documentation. :wink:
Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve found these reference docs a few weeks ago. It has description of some missing capabilities and some other references to ocf compatibility.
The the only method, what I know, is trial and error, until Smartthings will publish the new and hopefully complete documentation.

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It’s doing my head in, gave up on garage door, so works so…
Trying to get cameras working now, but completely blind on what settings it need

I see. I’ve tried the camera. But no solution yet. See my answer in the other topic.
But your thermostat vids were a good catch! I used one of them.

Slowly starting to attempt transition to the new app… I have a custom presence DTH I wrote that queries the Whistle servers to see if your dog/cat is home or away. How can I get it to show in the new app? I’ve heard presence sensors are particularly tricky.

I’ve tried adding mnmn:“SmartThings”, vid:“generic-arrival”, but nothing.

seach for Virtual Presence Plus and look at that DH, i use it and it show in new app


So, how are things progressing, is the end of the classic app near?

Here’s where I’m at.

I’ve been able to get my lan devices online in new app, but without any custom tiles showing.

I’ve modified the momentary tile button to be online in the new app.

I’m stuck with the virtual simulated switches. If I create a new on with the virtual device creation smartapp, the switch is fine in the new app and a device type of “Virtual Switch”. My older switches were “Simulated Switch” types and show up as offline in the new app. Switching DTH in the IDE doesn’t help. The quick modification I did to my momentary DTH hack isn’t helping. I really really don’t want to have to recreate all of these and update each automation they use. Anyone having success here?

Finally, and really trivial, the weather tiles don’t work in the new app. Is it going to go away?

Any ideas which capabilities, VID and/or ocf type to use with motorized curtains?

blinds and shades is not good option, google assistant cant see these types of devices in some reason

that’s a capability definition problem, not VID or OCF.

Add switch capability. Then have on() command call open() and off() call close()

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Ok, but what to do with icon and partial open position?

icon will need OCF metadata updated to ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.blind"

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Has anyone figured out what OCF device type to use with zigbee temperature sensors (Xiaomi)? I tried MultiFunctionalSensor but that didn’t work, and the sensor kept getting stuck at “checking status” in the new Smartthings App.

Also, has anyone figured out how to get an already installed device in the new app to reflect the changes when I change its device handler code? The old Smartthings app updates almost instantly, but the new app just does not, regardless of me force closing, clearing cache etc. Thanks!

Swap the DH to something else. And back to your updated DH. Or make a copy of your current DH and update that. Then swap to the updated DH.


The SmartThings temperature sensor uses ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.thermostat"

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HI guys. I’m trying to edit this DTH [RELEASE] New Virtual Thermostat With Device

I have already fixed the temperature reporting error. However if I enable the thermostat capability or set the vid to thermostat it displays UI elements that this DTH cannot support like fan mode or cooling temperature. Is there any way to hide these?

If I disable the main thermostat capability it shows only the proper ui elements but then doesn’t show the thermostat icon. If I set the ofc device type to thermostat it displays the icon but then I lose all the UI elements except temperature display.

Is it really this inflexible with what UI elements or icons are shown?

@mvevitsis, Unfortunately, yes at the moment. It will change during the next few months.

But look at this post and you might will be able to find a vid which fits for your needs:

I was able to get it perfect using one of the radiator options. Thanks.
Do you know when we will be able to edit the UI of devices in the new app? You said the next few months…

No. That is still work in progress (for years now).

Sign up for the SmartThings Developer newsletter to get updates regarding these details. The last one had the update about the Vid-selector.

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Where do I sign up for this newsletter?

@mellit7, you can find it somewhere here, or just register for a developer account.

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