New App: Vacation Light Director

Thanks for the quick response.

You just explained it. The randomness depended on the number of devices in the device list and the number of devices that are to be on at the same time. My device list was one and my devices on was one. I mistakenly thought there was a random Off period between on times. Now that I know how the app works I can make it work for my lighting application.

Do you know of an app that will randomly turn on and off a single device? I have a waterfall on a fountain I want to turn on for a few minutes each hour.

Thanks again.

You could do that with webCore. There are a number of pistons discussed in the webCore forum that do just that, typically for lighting, in the webCore forum. This link is a search of the forum for “random”:

I’ll take another look at WebCore. I’m having trouble getting the Pistons to execute.


Once you have a piston roughed out, post it over in the webCore community. There are a bunch of knowledgeable people there that will be more than glad to help you get it working!

I am a brand new ST user.

I was able to copy past your app from code into my ST.

I am struggling on what to do next?

This app has worked great for me… except… I’ve begun noticing that once we arrive home, all the lights in the house, including the ones that turn on upon arrival, all get turned off. checked the logs and it’s telling me that vacation lighting director turn them all off. I couldn’t find any settings on what to do upon arrival. am I missing something?

Where can I get the Vacation Light Director for my smartthings?
Im looking for a random light program or a vacation lighting or is there a better program now for the Smartthings?

Is this app still working? The lights are initally turning on but not changiung after the specified interval. The same lights that first turn on, always remain turned on

Scrap that. Just after i posted it decided to work :wink:

I am having some problems in the new ST app. when trying to set time for ending the simulation ex 23.00, It won’t let me set a time, I don’t know if the app isn’t compatible with the new app??


Does this still work in the new app as effectively modes have disappeared? I just assumed it was broken now?