New App: Vacation Light Director

Here is the github link:

This is an update of the tslagle’s original with fixes / enhancements.


Thanks Eric. The vacation lighting director from the marketplace never worked well for me. How do I update yours from IDE? Do I keep the one that I downloaded from the marketplace?

few choices:

uninstall one you have (from ST mobile app, then make sure nothing is there in IDE)

The one I created is installed in the IDE:

  • you can use github integration (there are many posts in forum on integrating with github)

  • or you can install manually by in IDE -> SmartApps -> Create New SmartApp -> from code, and cut and paste the code from the git I posted above (select the file, then “Raw”, then cut/paste,

  • Ensure you hit publish for me after saving the code

It should now show up under “My Apps” (very bottom of marketplace). Ensure you go to “My Apps” as otherwise you will re-install the standard one from SmartThings (that you already tried)

Thanks Eric,
Are there instructions on how to install this using github integration? I’ve installed smart apps like this in the past but have always followed instructions (one being your Nest Manager app which is awesome).

There are others. (you can use the instructions from Nest, just replace the git repository location with the one for vacation-light-director above)

Thanks Eric. What info do I put for the below to add the repository? Where can I find this in the future? Really appreciate all of your help.


Owner: imnotbob
Name: vacation-lighting-director
Branch: master

Thanks very much

For future setting up IDE integration, look back at this post and the link to the github code, and notice that the link generally includes what you need to add the repository to your IDE:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for putting this together. I have some questions from the setup as I’m not sure how to interpret some of the options.

Number of Active Lights - Does this mean:

  1. Lights in addition to the list of lights to cycle - that will always be on?


  1. The number of lights from that list to have on at any given time? – in which case, what if I want a random number? If I put 0 will no lights ever cycle on?if I put 2 will it only ever choose 2 randomly from that list?

and then in that case!! What does this mean: Lights to be on during active times?

  • If option 1 from above is the right one then is this a list of additional lights that will always be on
  • If option 2 from above is the right one then what happens when you choose a light not in the original list?

It is the number of lights to turn on from the list of lights to use.

There is currently not a random option for choosing the # of lights

The option for lights aways on is to have additional lights be on (garage light, xmas lights etc) the entire time. The assumption is these lights are not in the list of random lights.

@E_Sch Thanks for making this work, since the official smartapp in the marketplace doesn’t bother working at all.

I had one issue, where it continued to run even when I was not in the assigned “vacation” mode. I would need to investigate more to see if I can recreate the issue.

I had the same issue and ended up uninstalling. It was running all the time when not in vacation mode.

If you are using the version I posted and having problems, please send a private message with IDE logs.

I have not seen the issues you describe.

Eric, is there a way you can have a modified smart app name for your version. I think some folks are having a bit of confusion on whether they are using Tim’s or your version.
In addition i would love to try your smartapp but not have to remove Tim’s from my setup.
For example, I use Tim’s delay when I am “away” and it seems to work fine. Where it fails is when I go on vacation and a few days pass, then the app stops working (have we ever identified why this happens?) So I would love to use his App in “away” mode and yours in “vacation” mode. So I would like to have different identifiable instances of VLD in my system. Can this currently be done with your version?

Thanks in advance!!

Has this started working for you again? :slight_smile:

Hi, I have started using this app couple of weeks ago.
It works well however it puts an entry in the activity log every minute, on each of the devices it controls.
Is there a way to minimize the log to show only the real on/off?

So that’s what was doing that!! I was away for 2 weeks and noticed every minute all these new meaningless entries and wondered what I had done!!

WOW what a cluster … installed the ST smartapp it didn’t work. i removed and install the 2.4 version on GitHub. After correcting a few commas in the code I was able to publish and authorize. I tried to start the app on phone and get “You are not authorized to perform the required operation”. But that’s not all - I am unable to delete from IDE - “This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users”. AND there more - now I have 19 count em instances of Vacation Lighting Director on the phone SmartThing SmartApps.


not sure what the 2.4 version you are referring to is. Sounds like an old version of tslagle’s ?

I suggest you consider this one: