New App: Vacation Light Director

Hey guys, I’m desperate to find an alternative version to this app since this one no longer work from what I’ve read in here. I just tried the Home Alone version by nicjansma, but that one doesn’t seem to work also. Please advise.

I used core to setup a vacation program. I have been gone 4 weeks now and when I check the “Recently” tab it has been working great. Opening and closing my shades randomly within a 1 hour window, then same with 4 lights within the home, randomly, within a morning window and evening in downtown of time, replicating our personal life.

Can you be more specific on what is not working?

PM or post some logs…

Are you using this version:

Seems to be be working on my system. Been using it for about a month now

Thanks all for responding. I’m using this version you posted this couple days and it seems to be working fine. I think it was because I didn’t select any day(s) and I thought it would default to all days, but guess I was wrong.

So at any point there’ll always be at least one light on?
Looks like CoRE will be a much better option in the long run. Once I get around in learning it.

I use it by mode myself, I have it set to turn / on during a period of time if I’m in mode away.

If you want to write your own, CoRE is a way to do this. It can get complicated…which is why it is its own smartapp.

I have updated vacation light director to turn on (and leave on during entire daily cycle) a set of lights.

This is optional, but it is helpful if you have outside lights on say from dusk to 11:00 PM (time vacation lights cycle)

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sorry if this is a dumb question but I dont understand the “people” option in settings, the wording is confusing to me.
Does it prevent lights from turning off when you get home that were turned on by the VLD? or does it make sure that lights are turned off when you arrive home? it seems like the description above the option and then text of the option say opposite things but maybe Im reading it wrong

People cause the simulation (on/off cycle) to stop, but it does not turn off lights that are on.

The “thought process” for this logic is if you come home you don’t want this automation turning lights off, as it could

  • leave you in the dark
  • conflict/race with other automations that turn things on.

You are correct the labeling is confusing.

The Link to your Github is dead. @slagle

I installed the VLD app posted here (31-Oct) two days ago. It worked for one cycle (turned on 3 lights for 30 minutes) then quit. I’ve got all 3 modes (Away, Home & Night) checked. I go on vacation tomorrow for three weeks and will ave to manually turn my lights on & off periodically. At least my front porch lights have been working about 95% of the time using the Smart Lighting app.

Try something like this in CoRE.
It works for me and only takes a couple of minutes to do.
You could put in a time restriction if you wish.

@deptrai I had the same problem. It never worked when I set it to activate at Sunset, but did work when I applied specific time. Strange. Then I decided to use the version E_Sch published here on Dec 8th and problem was solved. I haven’t compared it with the original code yet, so not sure what changed, but happy that it works as it was frustrating.

@E_Sch Great version and options! finally solved my problem. The app was never triggered when set to Sunset, but it did work when set to a specific time. With this version, problem was solved.
Can you add another option that will trigger it on or after Sunset / Sunrise or specific time? sometimes I leave the house after Sunset and then there is no trigger until the next day.

Thank you!

I use modes like ‘home daytime’, ‘home evening’, ‘away daytime’, ‘away evening’ so that I can set modes to operate in.

I use times as an additional restriction:

example: I have it run ‘away evening’ from sunset + 30 mins, to 11:30 PM.

So I can leave any time, and mode change will cause vacation lights to start. If I come home, the mode change will cause it to stop.

You need to setup routines, and have them adjust modes based on sunrise/sunset, and based on your presence.

That is what I do…there are many options with presence, modes, and times available.

Thank you. I noticed that the VLD now accepts all the time between Start and end time as a trigger, and not just the start time. So life is good :blush:


I like this app the only issue with it is that all my Away/vacation notifications go crazy when this is enabled.

Is there a way to suppress these notifications? Or make sure only notification show form other instances except for Vacation Director.

Are you referring to the one in the marketplace, or the customized version posted by me?

Can you say more of what issues you see in notifications?

I’m not sure which version I am running. How is yours labeled?

My issue is that I would like notifications not to run if VD is turning decides on and off. Otherwise I think there is an intruder when it is the app doing its thing.


Are you going to set up your code to allow GitHub integration - would be nice to update from repo for updates.

Thanks for posting your app!