New App: Vacation Light Director

Updated to support intervals up to 180 minutes

This APP hasnt worked for me since February. This is disappointing! Are there any alternatives?

I travel, and this one was important to me for being in the ST ecosystem. It stopped working some time ago and gave up.

Going to check the GIT version above and see if any improvements.

Have you used the one above (recent), or some other version?

Try the one above if you have not. If you have please post your IDE logs

I’m going to be honest with you Eric, I am not sure what “IDE logs” are and the only way I know how to use the SmartApp is via the Smartthings app on my phone. I am an engineer, but judging by some of these posts i haven’t had to the time to figure out howsome of the stuff with coding and IDE logs work! lol. I recently deleted the VLD app and added it back though

Specifically Section II

Other docs:

To use the IDE, see:

This allows you to create smartapps or install customer smartapps from their source code (what I posted above)


Eric you just caught the attention of my inner-nerd. Than you!

I have IDE set up, I forked Samsung Repository. I have Gitbhub account. How do I take that code and put it on my hub? These instructionals are a little over my head

Eric - did your cron changes fix some specific issues with VLD? I was starting to set up similar function with CoRE since I couldn’t get VLD to work reliably.

Freddy - You don’t really need to have github to use other peoples code. You can copy the code from other’s github, then go into your IDE and create a new SmartApp “from code”, paste it in. Then save and publish it. Next on phone, go into Marketplace - SmartApps tab - My Apps, and configure new SmartApp. I think that is it, hopefully I didn’t miss any steps :slight_smile: With this technique you have to manually update the smartapp in your IDE if developer changes it.

You can also connect your IDE to other’s githubs and automatically get updates when they make changes. This is more complicated and I don’t remember the steps off hand.


I fixed

interval times would be messed up depending on the length of time you used (simple cron statements don’t allow arbitrary lengths easily)

I adjusted so that it only turns on / off what it turned on (vs. it was sending commands to all devices even if they had not been changed)

A few other items about turn ons & offs as folks come / go, or mode changes.


@slagle Thanks for sharing this App. I was wondering if you have thought of adding a Random Cycle Time setting within the APP?

It’s on my to-do list. (The one that keeps growing lol)

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Speaking of which … new additions for the BloomSky coming in October, LOL.

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ouch :wink: lol

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Thanks for the reply @slagle, It is great to Know that it is in the pipeline!

Looking forward to it!

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Need some help please.
I have downloaded vacation Lighting Director to my phone. I went through the setup but cannot locate the app on my phone,

Before anyone invests their time in helping me out I would like to make sure that the app suits my needs.
Here goes…
I would like my lights to randomly go on and off starting at dusk and ending at a prescribed time.
I want to be able to turn this function on when I know I will not be coming home. I would prefer it not be linked to the presence of our phones.
Thank you for your help.

New apps from source have to be installed via the IDE.

This app is designed to work automatically. It can do this based on the SmartThings Mode your home is in (for example if you have away modes). It can also use your presence sensors (but you do not have to have it use presence sensors).

Here is a place to get start on understanding the process:

This has worked for me but sometimes it just stops and doesn’t function as it should.
I have now set something up using CoRE. I only use it for 2 Lights.
Here is one of them.

Thank you for your response Eric. I have looked at these tutorials. Quite frankly they contain TMI. As I read the explanation of the second item i confuse it with the first and thats before i even try to find my specific issue.
I would appreciate some hand holding.
Firstly, (and bigly :wink: )… Modes? Is this on the initial page that opens when i execute ST? It says “Smart Home Monitor” and has a geen stripe that says “Everything OK”. Then the next item says “Security” with “Armed away”, “Armed Home” and “Disarmed” buttons. BTW I do not use any security sensors connected to ST.
Is this where the modes are set?